GoPlus Security Secures $10 Million to Boost Web3 Safety

GoPlus Security recently secured $10 million during a Private III funding round to build a modular user security layer for Web3.

GoPlus Security, a Web3 cybersecurity specialist, successfully raised $10 million in its Private III financing round to develop a modular user security layer for Web3. Many well known firms like OKX Ventures and Animoca Brands participated in this latest funding round. GoPlus Security’s token security detection API and personal security platform, SecWareX, have been very successful, with millions of daily API calls and registered users.

GoPlus Security Raises $10M

Web3 cybersecurity specialist GoPlus Security announced that it completed a Private III financing round, and was able to raise $10 million to build a modular user security layer for Web3. Many well known funds and industry players like OKX Ventures, HashKey Capital, Fenbushi, Redpoint China, Web3Port, Animoca Brands, Quantstamp, Undefined Labs, 7UpDAO, Ash Crypto, and Richard Ma participated in this funding round.

GoPlus Security was also able to raise about $25 million during previous Private II and Private II+ rounds of investment in 2023 where companies like Binance Labs and Redpoint China participated

GoPlus Security’s Vision

GoPlus Network is working on an open, permissionless, and user-driven modular security layer for Web3 that will seamlessly integrate with any blockchain to boost user safety and protection against security threats.

According to founder Mike Lee, the company uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive risk analysis and intelligent security services for its users. One of these services include the Token security detection API, which is already integrated with many leading dApps, and handles a daily call volume of up to 21 million.

Additionally, their personal security platform, SecWareX, has registered almost 9 million wallet addresses and 1.8 million unique IP users just two months after it was launched.

Dora Yue, the founder of OKX Ventures, is very excited about partnering with GoPlus, and praised the company's vision of a much more secure blockchain environment.

Growth for GoPlus

GoPlus has seen some incredible growth over the last two years. In fact, its user security data usage has increased 5,000-fold since 2022 together with the 21 million daily API calls. The launch of SecwareX in March 2024 also attracted more than 10 million wallets and 3 million users in the first three months, including more than 60,000 security service premium subscribers.

GoPlus plans to drive participation and decentralization through its token ecosystem. The GoPlus token, which is used as a security gas fee, will strengthen the user network and incentivize developers and users to actively engage as SecWare Providers, Data Providers, and Computing Node Providers, offering tokens as rewards for their contributions.