Binance identifies 1 billion resident records for sale on dark web

The data, which likely came from a Chinese government database, included addresses and medical records.

Padlock symbolizing cybersecurity with the Chinese flag in the background

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted that his company has discovered a leaked package of 1 billion governmental resident records, including names, addresses, national IDs, police and medical records. The data was put up on sale on the dark web, according to CZ.

The leaked records all originated from “one Asian country,” which a later piece of code shared by CZ appears to indicate was China. Binance CEO stopped short of confirming the data belonged to Chinese citizens, though.

While the leak has no direct influence on Binance customers, CZ confirmed that the exchange had already introduced more robust verification requirements for “potentially affected” users. The move appears to suggest that despite the crypto trading ban China introduced last year, Binance still retains some Chinese customers.

CZ shared the discovery as an example of threat intelligence research Binance and cooperating third-party companies do to avoid security issues. “It is important for all platforms to enhance their security measures in this area,” CZ said.