Nansen introduced a blockchain-compatible messaging app

The messenger dubbed Nansen Connect is intended to help reduce scams and build thriving crypto communities.

A stock image of 3d low-poly models of people connected with invisible links.

A popular blockchain analytics platform announced the Beta version of Nansen Connect with the function of end-to-end encrypted direct messaging. The messenger will be initially available for Nansen subscribers and some blue-chip NFT holders, including Azuki, BAYC, Moonbirds, Doodles, CloneX, and others. The collections with dedicated channels at launch will also include Pudgy Penguins, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, KaijuKingz, CyberKongz, Hashmasks, Parallel, and Weirdo Ghost Gang.

“On Nansen Connect, collectors can monitor in real-time whether developers are dumping their holdings, reducing the risk of scams,” Greg Piekosz, a Nansen community lead, said in a statement. “Additionally, communities will be able to better filter noise within their own ranks, as it will be easier than ever to recognize and acknowledge the highest-conviction holders – an informational overlay that we believe will fundamentally alter how group chats operate.”

Users can log in via their crypto wallets, and the wallet labeling services provided by Nansen would showcase specific qualities about the individual without revealing their real-life identity. The advanced users can choose what labels they want to present in their profile and join groups based on their holdings and on-chain activity.

The list of about 40 wallet labels of Nansen user Pranksy
Wallet labels for NFT influencer Pranksy. Source: Nansen

After the launch, Nansen plans to regularly onboard new communities. The company also said it will expand group options over time and may consider enabling OTC trading between Connect users.

“In crypto, be it a DAO or a chat room, there are certain key spaces where the future is being decided,” Nansen said.