KuCoin’s NFT marketplace partners with MetaOasis DAO ahead of overhyped launch

KuCoin’s NFT platform Windvane is slated to feature MetaOasis’s Zzoopers Genesis as its first collection.

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KuCoin announced its NFT marketplace, Windvane, was set to launch soon, with the first collection, Zzoopers Genesis, to go live on June 20. The collection, which features 5,555 NFTs of anthropomorphic animal characters, was created by MetaOasis DAO and metaverse design house Season Studio. Starting tomorrow, Windvane will run a whitelist event to select 500 users eligible for the mint.

The partnership with MetaOasis DAO is tied to the $100 million Creators fund Windvane and KuCoin Ventures started last month. Other projects backed by the fund include Joyride Games studio, Japanese AR NFT studio OVO, and a little-known research and investment company JZL Capital. The scale of those investments is unknown, but it’s likely that a big portion of the Creators fund has not yet been used.

Although the runup to Windvane’s launch feels half-hearted, Windvane’s virtually unknown founder, Fungi Chic, is enthusiastic. “This is another major milestone for KuCoin in the field of decentralization,” he said, adding that they had “strong faith that Windvane will not only enrich the KuCoin ecosystem, but also promote the overall development of the industry.”

Twitter profile of Fungi Chic, Windvane's founder

Apart from Zzoopers, Windvane releases its own NFT collection, Lazy Rooster, with 300 out of 4,500 NFTs to be minted starting from June 12. Each NFT doubles as a Windvane membership card, which grants access to Windvane token airdrops, a share of the marketplace’s future revenue, and voting rights, according to Windvane.