Polygon moves to enhance data privacy

Developers building on Polygon will have access to decentralized multi-party computations thanks to a partnership with Partisia Blockchain.

Binary code and digital locks

Polygon will partner with Partisia Blockchain, a layer 1 network specializing in data privacy, decentralization, and zero-knowledge solutions. The cooperation will result in a new Polygon-based platform that will enable “privacy-first computations and unlock a new type of smart contract,” according to a statement released by Partisia.

The new partnership adds to Polygon’s existing privacy-centered solutions like the private identity system Polygon ID and zero-knowledge Ethereum rollups. Partisia is expected to be integrated into the Polygon network starting in late June or early July.

Antoni Martin, Polygon Enterprise Lead, praised the partnership, saying that Partisia’s “MPC and ZK-based smart contracts platform adds an additional layer of confidentiality and private computations to Polygon.”

Yesterday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Partisia announced it was also working on a cryptographic tool that will allow CyberPeace Institute, a Swiss cybersecurity non-profit organization, to share confidential data on cyberattacks perpetrated against humanitarian organizations.