MetaMask Integrates Coinbase Pay

The users will be able to purchase or transfer crypto within their MetaMask wallet in a few clicks from the Coinbase account.

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DeFi, NFTs, and other web3 services became increasingly popular as the mass adoption continues. However, to access these products, users often have to go through the process of funding a self-custody wallet that involves multiple steps, switching between apps, and manual transfers. With Coinbase Pay, a new crypto purchasing service, users can skip these steps and participate in DeFi or buy NFTs in just a few clicks.

Coinbase Pay will be available to MetaMask users first as it will be rolled out in the coming weeks, starting from the browser extension. Before the integration, investors had to paste their MetaMask address/ENS in the Coinbase send box and double-check it to make sure they won’t accidentally send their coins to a complete stranger. Now, ETH and other tokens on the Ethereum and Avalanche network can be bought directly from MetaMask.

To access the benefits of the integration, you should open your MetaMask wallet and click on the “Buy” button, then select Coinbase Pay. If it’s the first time you’re using it, sign in to your Coinbase account. Select the crypto that you want to add to your MetaMask wallet and choose from your saved payment methods or existing crypto balance on Coinbase. Review and confirm your purchase. It’s that simple.