ATH Vodka Releases Crypto-Powered Rewards App Using Tidepay

London, United Kingdom, January 10th, 2024, Chainwire

London, United Kingdom, January 10th, 2024, Chainwire

Global spirits brand ATH Vodka has launched a customer loyalty app that dispenses user-focused lifestyle rewards. The ATH Rewards app is built and powered by Tidepay, a B2C engagement solution.

High-end drinks brand ATH (All Time High) is famed for its premium vodka made using French grain and eight times distilled. The forward-thinking company has embraced web3 as a means of driving greater customer engagement while unlocking new ways to reward loyalty and deliver memorable experiences.

ATH has elected to utilize  Tidepay to deliver its web3 strategy. The B2C application enables brands to use emerging technology to forge deeper connections with consumers. This includes the use of tokenization to sustain greater engagement and drive positive behaviours. The app is powered by the ATH token, which serves as the primary incentivization and rewards mechanism.

The Tidepay app enables businesses to create a Whitelabel rewards app that carries their branding whilst giving their consumers access to rewards across a selection of industries. ATH customers can use the app to experience an array of features and benefits. These include discounts on products ranging from ATH Vodka, to live events, experiences, and sporting events.

“When we started ATH Vodka, we not only wanted it to be the most premium Vodka in the world but also a company at the forefront of bringing value to our customers. The ATH rewards app built by our partners at Tidepay has done exactly that. Bringing consumer engagement to the next level. Clients can not only purchase ATH Vodka through the app but have access to many more offers such as music events, holiday retreats and Supercar event days.” James Waldie Cofounder of ATH Vodka.

Other benefits of the ATH Rewards app include unlocking access to exclusive music events such as Strawberries and Cream festival, exclusive supercar trips with Cannon Run, weekends away, and yacht hire. These features can be accessed exclusively through the ATH Rewards app using the ATH token. Customers can acquire rewards from each bottle of ATH purchased and use them in the ATH Rewards app. The ATH token is also available on Uniswap.

In a show of commitment to optimizing its web3 strategy, ATH Vodka will use 10% of its revenue to buy back and burn ATH tokens. This will increase demand for the token, which has a maximum supply of 1 billion. As part of the initiative, a portion of ATH Vodka’s profits will also be donated to charity.

The ATH Rewards app demonstrates the ways in which brands can successfully increase customer loyalty, offer exclusive experiences, and experiment with new technology while remaining true to their core products and principles. In the process, it showcases Tidepay’s suitability for providing global brands with a web 3.0 incentive layer housed within a white label application.

About ATH Vodka

ATH Vodka is handcrafted and produced with the utmost care to ensure it meets the highest standards. ATH sources the best quality French grain to create a truly exceptional ultra premium vodka with the smoothest finish. ATH Vodka is produced in a small batch process using the highest grade of grain grown, the spirit is then distilled eight times and triple filtered using charcoal to create incredible clarity, before being meticulously mixed and blended with the purest water possible using reverse osmosis.

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About Tidepay

Tidepay was founded with the goal of allowing businesses' to harness the power of technology to forge deeper connections with their consumers. While traditional marketing methods remain effective, embracing tokenization offers new avenues for engagement beyond social media.

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