Ocean Money’s Asset Tokenisation Platform to Spearhead Adoption

A New Wave of Asset Class is on the Rise, Enabling Fluid Access to Gate-kept Investments

Zug, Switzerland, Nov. X, 2023

Blockchain technology has brought us closer to a more open, secure, and transparent global financial system, and the tokenisation of real-world assets represents the next evolution in this process.

Whilst referring to reports, in a recent discussion on an X space, Adam Dignan, the CEO of regulated Crypto Neobank and wealth management platform Ocean Money, shed light on the growth of tokenised assets, stating the market will reach “16 trillion Dollars by 2023”. The current market size of Asset tokenisation is estimated at around $600 billion, so it is clear that there is massive room for growth.

The tokenised real-world asset industry is a significant subset of the broader financial landscape and is poised to transform the way traditional assets are accessed and traded. However, it remains somewhat enigmatic, especially to traditional financiers.

Ocean Money is at the forefront of supporting this wave of democratised finance through their new Real-World Asset tokenisation (RWAT) platform. This platform will facilitate the seamless tokenisation and distribution of assets for some of the world's largest firms and brands.

What Are Tokenised Real-World Assets, and What Are the Benefits?

Tokenised real-world assets are essentially digital representations of ownership for their real-world counterparts, all securely stored on a blockchain. Tokenisation involves the creation, issuance, and often fractionalization of these digital representations.

While tokenising real-world assets may seem novel, it introduces a host of efficiencies into global financial markets and offers numerous benefits:

  • Democratises Access to Certain Assets: Many financial assets are out of reach for the average investor due to high investment thresholds and geographical barriers. Ocean Money's RWA-tokenisation platform aims to break down these barriers, opening up investment opportunities that were previously inaccessible. According to Adam, assets like pre-IPO company shares, real estate, and other illiquid assets stand to gain the most from tokenisation.

  • Increases Liquidity and Efficiency in Certain Markets: Fractionalization allows assets to be easily traded, reducing friction in peer-to-peer markets. This boosts trading volumes and liquidity, leading to greater capital market efficiency. According to Adam, “every single asset class be tokenised”, and this leads asset tokenisation to really be a world-changing phenomenon.

  • Increases Efficiency by Removing Middlemen: tokenised assets are stored on blockchains, enabling direct peer-to-peer transactions without the need for intermediaries. This eliminates broker fees and the delays associated with traditional finance. Transactions involving tokenised assets are nearly instant and permissionless.

  • Improves Trust and Transparency in Financial Markets: Storing assets on-chain provides unprecedented transparency and clarity for the future of financial markets.

What Is Ocean Money?

Ocean Money stands as a next-generation crypto Neobank and wealth management platform, offering users safe access to crypto, convenient financial management tools, and empowering them with wealth management solutions.

With licences and authorisations from leading global regulators, such as FINMA, VASP, and UK and EU EMI distribution licences, Ocean Money positions itself as the premier provider of Crypto-compliant financial management tools.

In the era of tokenised RWAs, Ocean Money empowers companies to tokenise their assets on their platform, acting as the gateway for investors to access a new class of assets, all from their mobile phones. Whether you're a seasoned financier seeking sophisticated global asset access or someone diversifying their portfolio with assets that previously were out of your reach.

As Adam mentioned during the X Space, Ocean Money has partnered with VC’s and digital collectable providers, to facilitate the tokenisation of their assets. In the case of the VC, they “are setting an allocation to be tokenised”, in which a portion of the fund is set to be tokenised and therefore tradable on the secondary market - giving investors exposure to assets they previously wouldn't have access to.

Ocean Money's philosophy is straightforward: providing users with the tools they need for financial success, now and into the future.

Their intuitively curated suite of features grants users easy access to everything they need for seamless financial management, from budgeting tools, multi-currency accounts, and SWIFT transfers, to secure digital wallets, crypto yield farming, staking, and unique investment opportunities.

Ultimately they “want [to create] a platform where people feel safe to use”. Following on from the FTX debacle of 2022, the Ocean Money team are labelling the safety of funds as a top priority.

Ocean Money is well on its way to developing an all-in-one financial management ecosystem, tailored to meet the individual needs of users looking to take control of their finances

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