Bitinvestor with new solution - Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

At Bitinvestor, for the first time, you can buy cryptocurrency with more alternative payment methods than ever for competitive fees and high ease of use. Bitinvestor strives to provide secure trading with high liquidity and low spread.

Bitinvestor is a Danish company that is regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and FINTRAC Canada, and the goal here is to make safe, simple and regulated trading available to people who want to buy and sell crypto with alternative payment methods at low fees. As an Over-The-Counter (OTC) Desk, Bitinvestor never holds client funds so consumers can avoid situations like the one that occurred at

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card at Bitinvestor. In addition to the fact that buying cryptocurrency with Credit Card is an option, you can also use other payment methods, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Neosurf, Pix and other methods. You can trade 10 different cryptocurrencies in your local currency, which for many is more manageable than having to trade in USD, EUR or the like.

Bitinvestor trades through the largest exchanges on a global level and this ensures that there is high liquidity and low spread, making it the cheapest possible for consumers to buy and sell cryptocurrency with alternative payment methods.

You can read much more about fee rates for the different payment methods and cryptocurrencies on Bitinvestor.

But who is Bitinvestor?

Bitinvestor was founded in 2021 with a goal to solve some of the problems and frustrations the founders have had with cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Bitinvestor was started by CEO and co-founder, Thomas Franklin and CTO and co-founder, Jonathan Bau.

Thomas has a background in tech and startups. He has built extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency over the past 7 years working in product development, auditing and software implementation. He also has experience in payment infrastructure and the banking industry.

Jonathan, on the other hand, has previously worked as CTO in other companies. He has a background in digital development and specializes in cybersecurity and full stack development. Jonathan has several years of experience and has been working with cryptocurrency applications since 2017.

In contrast to other platforms within cryptocurrency and blockchain, Bitinvestor has the opportunity to provide trading with low fees and a high standard when it comes to data and account security.

The crypto world is known to be a place for scams and "rug pulls". Fraud often occurs in connection with a lack of regulation and danger signs can be, for example, an anonymous team behind an exchange or a crypto project. As it is regulated in Denmark by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and in Canada by FINTRAC Canada, you can have more confidence in a provider like Bitinvestor. You can read more about all the requirements, laws and rules the platform is subject to and complies with on the website.

Customer service every day of the week

Bitinvestor is a platform with customer service, where you can contact the team 8 AM to 8 PM every day of the week via live chat, get answers to a number of questions via Bitinvestor's FAQ or send an e-mail, which will be answered within 12 hours. When replying to e-mail, Bitinvestor can be contacted at

Do you have doubts about the credibility of Bitinvestor?

Take a look at Bitinvestor's Trustpilot and hear from people who have experience with the platform. In addition, you can of course also read much more about trading conditions, rules and requirements for investing on the platform.

Always minimize your chances of being subject to financial fraud by using a regulated broker who focuses on complying with relevant laws and regulations.

Buy Bitcoin without experience

At Bitinvestor, the basis is created to be able to invest as a newcomer in cryptocurrency. Thomas and Jonathan are proponents of crypto, but they agree that it can seem very difficult and unmanageable to get into. That is why Bitinvestor focuses on ease of use, which makes it as easy as new.

It doesn't take more than 2 minutes to create a profile and you can learn more about different areas by using different guides on the page. You can e.g. find guides to create and use a wallet.

You will of course also be guided through the entire process, that is investing via Bitinvestor. Whether it is the purchase of cryptocurrency with Skrill, credit card or something else, you will get help throughout.

At Bitinvestor you can trade 10 of the biggest cryptocurrencies, so you are sure that new, less trustworthy cryptocurrencies cannot be traded via the platform. All cryptocurrencies are carefully selected.

If you want to know more about Bitinvestor, you can quickly get answers to these on the website through live support or e-mail.

It is important to familiarize yourself with things before taking the plunge and investing in cryptocurrency.