Polygon to launch a new liquidity mining program with UMA

UMA is set to help Polygon launch a liquid mining incentive that rewards active managers.

Flowing water

The Polygon Foundation took to Twitter on Monday to announce a new partnership with optimistic oracle UMA. The two protocols will join forces to launch a new liquidity mining incentive modeled on LM2.0, a trial campaign run earlier this year.

The LM2.0 was launched in partnership with Arrakis Finance under the DeFi For All initiative, which aims to accelerate DeFi adoption by making protocols more accessible. The LM2.0 started in April and was going to last six months, but the Polygon Foundation made the decision to cut it short and introduce a rolling liquidity mining program from July onwards.

Similar to the initial campaign, the upcoming program will focus on boosting liquidity for Uniswap. Managers will be able to earn rewards on Uni V3 pairs that generate the most fees on the network, with $1 million worth of MATIC to be distributed every month. “Whoever generates the maximum relative revenue,” Polygon said, “will be eligible to claim the reward.”

In the announcement, Polygon named specific active managers, including Gamma, Popsicle, and Charm, as well as their previous collaborator Arrakis, inviting them to participate in the program.

The news adds to Polygon’s momentum after the network partnered with Meta to help integrate NFTs with selected Instagram profiles.