Robert Breedlove Net Worth: How Rich Is The "What is Money?" Podcast Host?

A well-known figure in the crypto community, Robert Breedlove is recognized for his influential YouTube channel's podcast titled "What Is Money?" which focuses on Bitcoin's philosophy and historical significance.

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Image: Robert Breedlove (@Breedlove22) on Twitter

While Robert Breedlove isn't known for his technical contributions to the development of Bitcoin, he is nevertheless regarded as a thought leader of the Bitcoin community thanks to his all-around podcast and YouTube show called "What is Money?" In his thought-provoking and insightful episodes, which often feature other influential deep thinkers of the crypto community, Breedlove often explores themes such as monetary history, the nature of money, and the potential of Bitcoin to act as a decentralized replacement to the current financial system. The American philosopher is known for his deep dives into the concept of "sound money" and how Bitcoin may fulfill this role in the digital world.

The charismatic podcast host, who bills himself as a freedom maximalist and an ex-hedge fund manager, has attracted a great following among the members of the crypto community, so it comes as no surprise that some are eager for more details about Breedlove's investments, education, background, and other credentials. If that would be of interest to you as well, you have come to the right place! Read on to learn more about Robert Breedlove net worth, his start in the crypto industry, and other ventures.

Robert Breedlove's education & early life

Despite being an avid Bitcoin supporter and an active participant in the crypto scene, Robert Breedlove clearly prefers to keep his private life out of the spotlight. For that reason, little is known about his childhood and personal life, except for maybe some crumbs of information that Robert chose to voluntarily share with the world.

It is known that Robert Breedlove grew up in Tennessee, USA, and was raised by his Christian family in Southern Baptist churches. Although most of his life he spent spiritual yet agnostic, the podcaster eventually reconciled with Christianity at the age of 33 after going down the proverbial "rabbit hole" of Bitcoin, being particularly inspired by Austrian economics and the teachings of Jordan Peterson.

In 2004, Breedlove went to the Tennessee Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee, where he graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance. In 2009, the Tennessee native also obtained a Master’s degree in Accounting from the same institution.

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According to Breedlove's LinkedIn profile, he is a digitally fluent finance and operations executive with extensive and unparalleled leadership experience that spans roles in enterprise tech, consumer tech, corporate finance, internet and blockchain technology, international M&A, tax strategy, wealth management, Bitcoin, and digital assets sectors.

From 2017 to 2020, Robert Breedlove also used to be the CEO and founder of Parallax Digital, a Bitcoin-focused consulting firm. It's unclear whether he is currently involved with the company's daily operations.

It was reported that Breedlove currently lives in Santa Monica, California.

"What is Money?" podcast

In 2020, Robert Breedlove started uploading his first videos on YouTube and currently boasts 116,000 subscribers on his podcast titled "What Is Money?" In his videos, Breedlove shares his views on the future of money and the potential for Bitcoin to empower individuals by providing an alternative to state-issued fiat currencies, which he believes to be fundamentally flawed and doomed to collapse due to their centralized and inflationary nature. Bitcoin, in Breedlove's vision, is the only honest money that is immune to totalitarianism.

A podcaster himself, Breedlove has also been a guest on numerous Bitcoin-focused podcasts and interviews such as Real Vision, The Rich Dad Channel, The Keiser Report, The Investor’s Podcast Network, What Bitcoin Did, and Tales from the Crypt, engaging in deep conversations with other thought leaders of the Bitcoin community.

Robert Breedlove Net Worth

As of 2023, Robert Breedlove net worth is estimated at $5 million, which probably isn't much for the crypto's richest people, but is definitely a handsome payoff for a podcaster. But how does one make that much money from hosting a YouTube show? Let's break down Breedlove's possible income streams.

First and foremost, Breedlove receives streaming royalties from multiple platforms that host his podcast, namely YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Video. However, given the current payouts and Breedlove's views, royalties are unlikely to make up a significant part of his income.

It's probably safe to estimate that most of Breedlove's net worth comes from partnerships with other crypto ventures that pay for a spot on his podcast, plus support and tips from his most loyal fans on Patreon and other digital creator platforms.

Finally, Robert Breedlove can be hired as an independent consultant, and given his impressive track record in the industry, one could expect to pay handsome compensation for his time and expertise. Non-institutional clients also have a chance to hear from Breedlove directly: the entrepreneur charges $10 per message and $16 per call minute.

Books by Robert Breedlove

As a well-known Bitcoin thinker, it would be strange for Breedlove to never pour any of his thoughts into the paper. Indeed, the podcaster is also known as the author of the book titled "Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption and Redemption of Money."

"Thank God for Bitcoin explores the ways in which the current monetary system is broken and what can be done to fix it," the book's description reads. "It explores the creation of money, its corruption and its potential redemption. It looks at how Bitcoin is redeeming the ills of our corrupt monetary system and how the ongoing transition to sound money is a source of hope for a broken world."

Interestingly, Robert Breedlove also co-authored another book about Bitcoin with a fellow Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor, who is also known for his role as a former CEO of a business intelligence software company MicroStrategy. The book, titled "What Is Money? The Saylor Series" paints a broad picture of the changing nature of money, taking the reader on a lengthy journey from the Stone Age to the creation of Bitcoin, with the aim to fully capture the historic significance of the first cryptocurrency.

Bottom line

A respected voice among many in the Bitcoin community, Robert Breedlove is known as a thoughtful and provocative philosopher, whose worldview combines a blend of economic theory, historical perspective, and a critique of the current global financial system, which he believes is going to inevitably collapse one day, with Bitcoin emerging as a true people's currency.

While some of Breedlove's bold claims (such as his prediction that Bitcoin will reach up to $307,000 by October 2021 and $12.5 million in 2031) should be obviously taken with a grain of salt, his podcast still stands as a go-to source on all things Bitcoin, providing the crypto community with thoughtful analyses and insights offered by the top Bitcoin whales.

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