How to Enjoy Professional Esports Using Bitcoin

Esports and cryptocurrencies rank among the two fastest-growing areas of modern business. We're living in unprecedented and exciting times as crypto's bounce-back continues, with major tokens growing rapidly in both popularity and value. You can now spend your favorite tokens at major sites and apps. Use Bitcoin to purchase matchday tickets for an upcoming sporting event, book an overnight stay at a hotel for the game, and gamble on the result to target a profit.

Travel, watch, rest, and play using crypto on your smartphone. The betonline sign up bonus gives all new crypto and sports bettors a generous free bet. You can even combine crypto and esports, using tokens to wager on the next fixture shown on your live-streaming app. Join a sportsbook that accepts crypto, make your first deposit, and wager on the result. Predict the outright winner of a competition or which team will be victorious in an upcoming game.

Gambling on esports using crypto is becoming increasingly popular. More sites offer esports markets, specials, and odds. The most important fixtures are on live-streaming apps available on desktop computers and mobile. Join an esports live-streaming app, add your crypto account to make purchases seamlessly, and watch the games from anywhere. All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi connection or available data.

Stay secure

When using crypto to watch, interact, and make predictions on esports competitions using your smartphone, you must focus on security. The dangers of crypto use online and providing your details to apps are well-documented, but using crypto to pay for a subscription to your favorite esports provider is much safer than sending cash or adding your debit card details.

All transactions should be protected at both ends with your crypto account provider using the latest encryption technology to guard your information and keep your online movements private. Keep up to speed with your crypto account's online security measures, including any changes.

Understanding how your provider protects your details gives you peace of mind but also highlights any areas where you must focus to get the best and most reliable service. Not understanding account security is a common problem among esports users, and it often stems from a need for more education on the subject. Many new crypto users register in a rush, signing up and buying coins without fully understanding the risks.

SSL is the industry standard

When you're happy that you understand your crypto account's security, it's time to turn your attention to your esports account. Whether you're playing esports and aiming to make it professional or enjoy watching the best players in action, you need a fast, reliable, and secure payment method. Crypto accounts provide that, and you can pair your Bitcoin details with your esports profile. It takes just a few minutes.

What security protections does your esports account provide that allow you to watch and play with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your details are protected? Check the security information on the app or website, and you should see Secure Socket Layer technology in use. That's the industry standard and protects your details, payment information, and deposits. If SSL is on your esports account for playing, watching, and making predictions, you're on the right path.

Then, there are measures you can take to strengthen your security further. These are the basics of online payments, but it pays to remind users to stop standards from slipping. Never use your esports account on a shared computer, and don't leave your account logged in, even on your device. When joining an esports app, take the time to create a username and password that's memorable to you but isn't obvious to others.

Never leave funds in your account balance if you can help it, withdrawing prize winnings to your crypto account quickly and securely using your smartphone.

Adventure awaits

Once you've found your preferred crypto account and paired it with an esports provider that allows you to watch, play, enter competitions, and purchase merchandise, you're ready to enjoy an esports adventure. If you're an experienced follower of pro esports, you'll know much has changed since 2020. Esports has always been popular, but until the early part of 2020, it was growing slowly.

Today, esports is more popular than many traditional sports, boasting talented players and teams worldwide, including in the United States and the United Kingdom. The top competitions attract millions of viewers using smartphones to watch the play and interact with the teams, players, and fellow fans. That trend continues in many other popular sports, including soccer, football, and basketball, as the habits of fans change.

Smartphones are fast becoming the platform of choice for viewers of the English Premier League, NFL, and NBA. The popularity of esports coincides with the improvement of live-streaming technology. Some of the top players performed remotely, especially during the pandemic, ensuring the esports program remained almost unaffected. A largely uninterrupted schedule helped attract new fans to esports, and they've stuck around.

Improve your predictions

Watching live esports on the move is great fun, and you can purchase an ongoing monthly subscription to the best live streams using your crypto account. Predicting the result can add an extra edge of drama to the occasion. The top esports apps allow members to call the winner of an upcoming game or play one of the many eye-catching specials.

Suppose you enjoy following esports on your mobile and wish to showcase your knowledge by predicting the result and impressing friends, family, and fellow followers. In that case, we have some advice that could improve your strike rate. Research is key to predicting the result. Study the form of both players or teams involved and check for the head-to-head scores. How many times have the teams met, and who holds the most wins?

Lastly, check what the experts say. Watch interviews, read predictions, and learn the latest odds relating to the esports fixture. You can choose to follow the pundits or take a different approach to calling the result.