An Exclusive Interview with Riccardo Sibani, Chief Product Officer of My Neighbor Alice

Read interview wtih Riccardo Sibani, Chief Product Officer of My Neighbor Alice

Is My Neighbor Alice Game suitable and easy to understand and play for all types of players, especially those starting with blockchain games?

We have worked hard to streamline the complexity of the user onboarding process, making it as easy as possible for players to get started with My Neighbor Alice, regardless of their experience with blockchain games. We understand that the industry is still in its early stages, and there is much room for improvement. Still, we are proud that every action in My Neighbor Alice game works on blockchain technology without players noticing it. This is a testament to the intuitive and user-friendly interface we have created and the guidance we provide to help players get up to speed. Overall, we believe that My Neighbor Alice is suitable and easy to understand for players of all levels. Our game will be a gateway for more people to discover and enjoy the exciting world of blockchain gaming.

My Neighbor Alice (MNA) encourages the free renting of plots within the ecosystem. How does the ecosystem incentivize plot holders if they are encouraged to rent out their lots for free?

Free renting is performed on Plots that have not been put on sale yet; this feature is available during the alphas to let everybody experience My Neighbor Alice's progress and gather the space's attention.

When the game is finished, all the plots will be sold, and renting for free won't be possible. However, plot owners will be able to invite their friends or collaborators by using the same feature!

Aside from staking $ALICE, are there other ways players can earn money within the ecosystem?

Aside from staking $ALICE, players in the My Neighbor Alice ecosystem have other ways to earn money. One of the primary ways is through the play-to-earn model. Players can earn rewards by actively engaging in the game, completing quests, crafting resources, and participating in various in-game activities. Additionally, players can own and trade NFTs (non-fungible tokens) within the game, which can hold real-world value and be sold on the marketplace.This combination of staking, playing and owning NFTs, creates multiple revenues for players to earn within the My Neighbor Alice ecosystem.

The most significant barrier to GameFi is the entertainment and limited access to players. Most of them are still speculators and investors but not interested in how to play and entertain. What plan did My Neighbor Alice have to reach new crypto and NFT savvy players to expand its users and solve the speculative multi-group? 1 - 3 highlights that make your game more attractive than similar games?

One of our primary goals is to create a fun and engaging gaming experience that appeals to a broader audience, not just investors and speculators. To do this, we have focused on developing various features and gameplay mechanics that cater to different interests and playstyles. For example, our farming and community quest features are designed to appeal to players who enjoy more relaxed and social gameplay. In contrast, our crafting and open-world features cater to players who prefer more strategic and creative gameplay.

Additionally, we design a system resilient to bots that limits the power of P2E bots and ensures a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all players. This system is not based on software but on specific game design choices that make it difficult for bots to gain an unfair advantage.

Our goal is to create a thriving community of players genuinely interested in playing and enjoying the game rather than just investing and speculating. We believe this is the key to expanding our user base and solving the speculative multi-group issue in the gamefi industry.

Security is fundamental and necessary in any project. Now more than ever, the community wants security, so what mechanisms or measures do you have in place to protect your users? How secure are your smart contracts against attacks? Have they been audited?

Our smart contracts on the BNB chain are all audited. On Chromia, we are still developing them, so consider them in a test net phase. Some of the developers who are working on My Neighbor Alice are part of the Chromia team. Generally, when developing My Neighbor Alice, we prioritize security and take a cautious approach. Since we strive for decentralization, we have little power to change code later on, so we prefer something safe rather than performant or taking a shortcut. We see My Neighbor Alice as a long-term project, so taking security shortcuts is not our interest.

We are all dedicated to ensuring the security of My Neighbor Alice and constantly monitor and assess potential vulnerabilities in our systems.