Insights and Inspirations: Highlights from Blockchain Expo Europe 2023

TechEx has enjoyed immense success with the participants of its multifaceted tech event brimming with insights, networking, and innovation.

Blockchain Expo Europe
TechEx organized concurrent events dedicated to AI, big data, cybersecurity, IoT, and edge computing.

Finally, the day arrived for the long-awaited blockchain event to take place. With all the tech geeks, entrepreneurs, developers, and corporates attending, Blockchain Expo Europe 2023 has come to a close. Spanning two consecutive days on September 26 and 27, this giant networking conference has successfully concluded at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Blockchain Expo is one of the largest events that immerse you in the world of blockchain and the Web3 ecosystem. It offers fresh knowledge and introduces innovative ideas related to cryptocurrency, blockchain for businesses, DeFi, digital assets, and metaverse.

Large gatherings were observed inside, and people sharing their wonderful experiences all over social media said a lot about the event. With well-organized booths, maps, conference zones, panel talks, and networking events, the conference left a remarkable impression on the participants.

"Interesting insights and new learnings," Jim Niemeijer from Kodoma posted today. Mitch Zanting, the LakeView metaverse CEO, had already shared his enthusiasm about the event too, calling it "a huge success."

The teams behind Trade Pro Labs, Coinstore, Hive, Areon Network, Darwinbit, Speedy Staking, and many other projects shared their excitement about the conference on X (former Twitter).

Speakers and leaders from renowned and respected companies and startups came forward to offer their insights into the world of blockchain and Web3. They left attendees with an unfathomable depth of knowledge, drawn from their own industry experience and case studies.

Below are some of the inspiring speakers and leaders who were highlights of the Blockchain Expo 2023:

  • Guillaume Vergnas, Head of Esports, Gaming and Web3 at Alpine Racing;
  • James Morek, Head of Bank and Asset Manager Sales at EMEA, Coinbase;
  • Kerstin Eimers, Lead Future Tech Web3 at T-Systems International;
  • Helena Grabarevic, Director Innovation and R and D, Transformation for the Life Science, Business of Merch at Merch Life Science KGaA;
  • Cyrille Magnetto, VP Innovation at AXA France;
  • Mia Van, EMEA Lead – Blockchain and Digital Assets at Mastercard.

The online registration process was a breeze. Participants had the following passes to choose from: the Content Library Hub Pass and Free Expo Pass, the Two-Day Gold Pass costing €849, and the Ultimate Pass priced at €1199. The entire event was not limited to the RAI but also extended to the Strandzuid Boathouse.

Although this networking party was limited to Gold, Ultimate, Speaker, Sponsor, Press, and Exhibitor pass holders, the events with free entrance were no less enjoyable to be a part of.

Meanwhile, the blockchain conference was just one component of the broader event presented to participants by TechEx. Concurrently, the venue also hosted the AI and Big Data Expo, IoT Tech Expo, Cybersecurity and Cloud Expo, and Edge Computing Expo.

Blockchain Event Europe 2023 was a delightful experience where knowledge was shared, new insights were gained, new relationships were formed, and fresh opportunities were uncovered. The Web3 community is looking forward to the next time all these doors open again.