How to Automate Your Crypto Trading in 3 Steps with SMARD

In this guide, we will cover how to automate your cryptocurrency investments with the fully automated SMARD software. We will mainly focus on the principles of how cryptocurrency trading bots work, and we will tell you about a new way to launch one of these bots in just three clicks.

What is SMARD?

SMARD is an advanced automated cryptocurrency trading software specifically designed for crypto traders and individual investors. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, SMARD enables users to leverage market fluctuations and execute trades with precision, ultimately aiming to generate substantial profits by taking advantage of the inherent volatility of digital assets. The software's main objective is to provide users with a simple yet effective method to enhance their trading performance without requiring in-depth technical analysis or constant monitoring of the market.

How does SMARD work?

The SMARD algorithm is based on the momentum effect strategy verified by fundamental literature, as well as a number of tried-and-tested techniques to increase trading performance, which allows SMARD to systematically identify future market winners.

Software works with clients via API keys on the exchange to create a secure connection to the software. With this approach, all funds remain in the user's personal account and are fully under their control.

What results did SMARD achieve for its clients?

SMARD trading strategies show high efficiency on both the short and long range. The Sharpe ratio stands at 1.07, indicating a favorable risk-adjusted return. The annualized return of 45.57% highlights the software's ability to generate substantial profits over the long term. With an average monthly return of 4.34%, consistency in positive returns is evident. Additionally, its 219.1% return compared to BTC and 305.8% compared to ETH underscores its prowess in outperforming traditional investment benchmarks.

How much does it cost?

SMARD has arguably one of the best pricing methods in the automated market, which makes it completely unique.

You don't need to pay any fees or link a credit card to get started.

This software gives users the opportunity to experience automated strategies in a postpaid format. You connect to a strategy, and after only 1 calendar month, you pay just 10% of your profits.

We believe that this pricing format is not only fair but also gives additional motivation to the team of analysts and developers who work on these strategies.

How to launch a SMARD strategy in 3 steps

1. If you are new to SMARD, getting started is easy. Visit and register.

2. Choose the type of account to connect to:

SMARD currently supports spot and futures trading on Binance. Soon they will add such exchanges as ByBit, BingX, Bitget, Kucoin and others.

3. Сonnect your exchange account and specify the amount to be traded by SMARD

And that's the end of it! You have successfully automated cryptocurrency trading!

Final thoughts

Platforms such as SMARD are becoming increasingly popular as more traders join the crypto bandwagon and start to invest. But trading cryptocurrencies can be daunting, especially for beginners.

As we have illustrated in this guide, it is now possible to launch a profitable crypto trading bot in as little as three steps. Anyone can take advantage of this innovation and start trading in the shortest amount of time possible.

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