What Crypto Information Is Worth Reading? How to Filter What You Find Online

Navigate the crypto world with confidence: tips on discerning accurate info from misleading content, choosing reliable sources, and building knowledge.

Crypto is one of the most recently developed tech topics, which is probably why so many users are eager to learn more about everything that happens in the industry. And it is extremely easy to find crypto-related information, such as news, reviews, guides, and many more.

However, fake news is not news, and crypto enthusiasts are “lucky” to be provided with a surprising amount of questionable information. So, how can you ensure that what you read online about crypto is actually accurate and does not mislead you?

In this article, we will offer some tips for filtering the information you find online so that your research can be like a smooth road with little to no bumpy areas.

Always Check Multiple Sources

No matter the field, it is never recommended to check only 1 source. And if you are wondering why, imagine that you throw a snowball down a hill. A piece of information is like a snowball thrown by a company. During its journey, the snowball finds more snow and turns bigger and bigger. And when it hits something, the power is way bigger than it was at first.

This situation is called “the snowball effect” and can be noticed in many pieces of news. A company announces something, and the world makes it bigger or worse. For example, if a crypto project announces a small update that resolves an almost unnoticeable error, a misleading news post might say that it changed the user interface.

On the other hand, if the CEO of a crypto company steps down, the world might reach a point where saying that they were kicked out because they stole assets. We’ve gone a bit further, but do you know where we’re going with this?

So, you should never only read a piece of information from a single source. When you find something, go ahead and double-check it, triple-check it, or even n-le-check it. This will help you have a better view of that update or event without being influenced by something written in only one place.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the more you see a piece of information, the more accurate it might be. If a website says that Bitcoin is $100, but other 5 sources say that its price is $25,000, it most probably is $ 25,000.

Find Trustworthy Websites

At the moment, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites that write about crypto or are just focusing on crypto. However, not all of them are trustworthy, and you should be the one who always checks it before taking a piece of information from a website.

When it comes to crypto-related information and not only, you should be like Doubting Thomas. Unless you truly verify whether a website is safe, you should be a skeptic who does not believe anything. And to believe something, you should always check it.

When you search for something on Google and the SERP lists website X first, you should ask yourself why the website is there, whether it ranks first because of an ad or because of the content, and whether the content truly is helpful or stuffed with the right keywords. To go 1 step further and filter the information a little, you can use a crypto browser, such as Bitfinder.

To also have a second opinion, you can find 1 trustworthy website that talks about the best blogs for crypto enthusiasts or an expert that recommends certain sources. And this is how we move to the next tip.

Follow the Right Experts

The crypto industry is pretty hard to understand at first. You need to learn as much as possible to get how everything works. And a good way to do that is by following some experts.

While the topic is quite new, some people were here from the beginning, and this helped them improve their knowledge in time and take things as they came. You, on the other hand, who are just starting your crypto journey, will be surprised by how much information you have missed during the past 14 years.

To take things one step at a time yourself, you can choose some crypto experts who clearly explain how things work in the industry. If you are immediately getting into NFTs but don’t know basic blockchain information, it might be a bit hard to keep it up.

Thus, try to find some experts who became truly popular for their style and what kind of information they offer. Look for those with an engaged community. Also, you can tell whether an expert is worth following by how often they post and the topics they cover. Furthermore, an expert followed by millions of crypto enthusiasts surely has valuable things to share.

Build a Basic Knowledge

We know that to build basic knowledge, you have to find some trustworthy websites, but try to find a few that focus on educational content and stick with them at first. In order to enter the world of crypto, you must know how things work around here.

Many websites only focus on providing extensive crypto-related information. Most of them provide content from blockchain technology to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). This way, you can learn the basics of crypto and go on with your research afterward.

You can also choose a course that offers you all the information you need. There mostly are paid courses, but you may also find some free ones. The period differs, and so does the information provided. However, if you find an extensive course, you might end up with everything you need to start your crypto investing experience.

In Conclusion

The crypto industry is pretty new, and while there are websites that share accurate information, others might mislead crypto enthusiasts by publishing fake news. And newcomers can be affected by such things, as their crypto knowledge is still pretty small and can be significantly influenced by fake news.

If you’re just starting your crypto journey, try to find some trustworthy websites and experts to build basic crypto knowledge. Also, always check a piece of information from multiple sources.