The Cypher Protocol Hacker Flooded with NFTs Demanding Return of Loot

The team behind Cypher Protocol hopes to get the opportunity to talk to a hacker about the exploit and return the stolen funds.

Portrait of a hacker
Multiple NFTs with requests to return the stolen money were sent to Cypher Protocol

Yesterday, Cypher Protocol, a Solana-based cryptocurrency trading platform, announced a security incident. According to blockchain analytics firm Beosin, the hack resulted in losses of nearly $1 million. Data from Solscan, a Solana blockchain explorer, recorded a transfer of SOL and USDC through popular crypto exchanges Binance and KuCoin to fund the exploit and withdraw the loot.

The team behind Cypher referred in its tweet to the exploiter hoping they will be willing to discuss the possible course of action, "We are writing to see whether you would be open to speaking with us about any potential next steps."

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Solscan also shows a series of NFTs sent to the hacker asking the malicious actor to return the funds.

"Seriously though, you used Binance and KuCoin to fund and try to get 30,000 out. People will find you. Please do the right thing and give back the rest," some of the NFT messages sound pretty serious, while others contain more ironic messages. "Oh skilled crypto trickster, you’ve had your play, on Solami stage, you found a way, return the funds now, just for display," one of them refers to the hacker in rhymes.

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Meanwhile, Cypher Protocol and Marginfi, the lending foundation for Solana-based DeFi 2.0, launched their 31-day hacker house event, mtnDAO, in Salt Lake City on August 1.

Interestingly, the price of the Cypher Protocol token CYPHER has not changed so far despite the attack. In fact, it has maintained a stable value of $0.0094 since August 6, according to CoinMarketCap.