Web 3 Sapiens redefines digital marketing in the Web3 era

The blockchain and crypto industry is ripe for a fresh take on marketing — and Web 3 Sapiens is ready to lead the change.

A girl wearing futuristic glasses in front of a monitor with dashboards, art generated by Midjourney

As we dive headlong into the world of Web3, the need for evolution in marketing becomes more apparent. Now, when the internet transitions from a landscape dominated by large corporations to a decentralized space where users own their data and content, the marketing strategies from the Web2 era are no longer as efficient as they used to be in the golden days of Facebook and Instagram.

Web2 marketing strategies are largely based on the collection and analysis of user data. Powered by social media mammoths — with Facebook (now Meta) establishing itself as a one-stop shop for advertisers — this old school of marketing consumed giant amounts of user data to allow businesses to pinpoint a very specific target audience based on a number of traits such as gender, age, income bracket, interests, location, and daily habits. While such elaborate campaigns indeed efficiently matched consumers with products and advertisers, the privacy aspect (or rather the lack of it) became the source of public woes and endless debates on the seeds of division sowed by algorithms. It was not until the Cambridge Analytica scandal that the end users began to fully realize that, for Big Tech, they are the product.

Fortunately, with the rise of Web3, a new approach to handling user data is emerging, and its unwarranted collection is highly frowned upon. The new age of the internet, built on the pillars of transparency, user control, and decentralization, renders Web2-era marketing obsolete. For advertisers and marketers, this means that there’s time for new strategies.

Web3 calls for a more participatory and community-driven approach to marketing, where users are not just consumers but also contributors to the brand's narrative. For the marketers accustomed to the Web2 experience, the transition to Web3 is not an easy task, as it requires a profound understanding of the ethos and culture of the new generation of digerati.

Yet, there are marketing agencies who are ready to step up to this challenge — heading into the uncharted territory of Web3 to come up with new narratives tailored to the unique demographic of Web3 users. And Web 3 Sapiens is the one at the forefront of this quest.

About Web 3 Sapiens

Founded in Lisbon by a team of seasoned marketers and crypto natives, Web 3 Sapiens is a marketing agency focused on the crypto & blockchain niche of Web3. The company works with a wide range of projects across the industry from Social Media Management, and community building, to market strategy, brand recognition, and growth

“After a few years in the marketing area, helping businesses to grow in different ways, with social media, increasing sales, generating leads, and improving their brand awareness, I ended up on Reddit. After working there for one year as an account manager of several Web3 marketing agencies, I decided to create my own Web3 digital marketing agency focused on building communities and avoiding all the mistakes I saw in the other agencies I was working with,” said Web 3 Sapiens founder and CEO Javier Olivares Gonzalez, a Web3 native since 2018.

Web 3 Sapiens offers a range of services, including community management and growth, paid ads, influencer marketing, website design, SEO, and blockchain/cryptocurrency/NFT-specific marketing strategies.

Custom website design & development

For any Web3 project, having a solid online presence lays groundwork for the future success. With that in mind, Web 3 Sapiens offers custom website design and development that blend the world of aesthetics with the functionality and principles of Web3. Like no other, the agency recognizes the importance of a user-friendly and engaging web interface that communicates the brand's message effectively while making it stand out from the competition.

Community building

In the crypto space, the community is an unquestionable backbone of any project. For that reason, fostering a strong and supportive community should be a top priority for founders. And this is where Web 3 Sapiens comes into play — with their unmatched expertise when it comes to community management (especially Reddit), your crypto venture is poised for steady growth and wins. Their holistic approach to community management involves crafting custom strategies that align with a brand's values and objectives, defining key community goals, and identifying the appropriate target audience. They actively moderate various community platforms, ensuring that the environment remains safe, engaging, and respectful.

Web3 influencer marketing

As Web3 influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most effective methods to connect with your target audience, Web 3 Sapiens boasts an extensive network of prominent figures within the crypto and blockchain space to amplify your brand awareness and credibility. With carefully curated influencer marketing campaigns, the agency can significantly boost a brand's visibility and drive meaningful engagement. And the good news is that it wouldn’t cost you a kidney — for clients on a budget, Web 3 Sapiens offers affiliate programs for a commission paid for conversions.

Multi-platform ad campaigns

While it's true that Web3 marketing is very different from the old school, it also draws heavily from its predecessors, and multi-platform ad campaigns are still in use as a remainder of this legacy. Web 3 Sapiens strategically leverages platforms that resonate with the brand and its objectives, focusing on delivering compelling ad content and constant monitoring of community feedback. The agency’s strategies don't just rely on one or two platforms: instead, they weave an intricate web of touchpoints that maximizes brand exposure and drives results. Making use of the data-driven insights, Web 3 Sapiens constantly optimize these campaigns, tweaking as necessary to ensure optimum engagement and return on investment. Check out this case study for a better understanding of Web 3 Sapiens’ approach to paid advertising.

SEO for blockchain & crypto

Web 3 Sapiens recognizes the critical role that SEO plays in the digital space, even within the context of the Web3 space. Their specialized SEO services ensure that your brand gains the visibility it needs to thrive amidst the noise of the online world. With a deep understanding of the algorithms that drive search engine results, their team leverages a combination of keyword research, site optimization, link building, and content creation to maximize your brand's online visibility.