Ethereum L2 Optimism to launch a native token

The Optimism team announced plans for a “New Chapter” in the network development.

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After recalling the most important milestones in the project development, the blog post shed some light on Optimism’s plans for the future. “We’re nearing the end of a chapter and the beginning of the next––one driven by community ownership and governance,” the team announced. The upcoming token launch looks more than probable, combined with the Optimism token page already being live on Coinbase.

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Optimism is an Ethereum scaling solution that runs computation of transactions off-chain and then puts output data on-chain, increasing transaction speed and decreasing fees. If confirmed, the airdrop will likely distribute tokens to users of the network’s DeFi protocols. However, some community members hope for a retroactive airdrop, which will reward early adopters, similar to how the Ethereum Name Service Protocol dropped 25m tokens to qualified users in 2020.