Alchemy to speed up DApp development with its new tool

The new tool designed by the leading platform for DApp development offers a wide range of ready-to-use templates and a simplified dependency setup.

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With the new tool from Alchemy, Web3 developers can save a lot of time while building dapps.

On February 24, Alchemy, one of the leading platforms for Web3 development, launched its new open-source tool that lets developers "bootstrap a full stack DApp in 4 minutes."

With its new product, Alchemy aims to streamline the process of Web3 application development by leveraging a broad collection of pre-built templates and off-the-shelf components for customization. The tool is designed to save developers time on installing and setting up the required dependencies, coding and integrating the app with frontend.

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Currently, developers can create applications compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and a number of other blockchains.

Alchemy’s team sees the simplified setup provided by their tool as one of its major advantages. Installation of dependencies for the DApp development is a multistep process requiring substantial time. Alchemy has abstracted the process to a single step of a basic infrastructure setup, which allows developers to start building their products right away.

The choice of templates and customizable components is also impressive, as it allows developers to create virtually any type of decentralized app, whether it is a cryptocurrency exchange platform or NFT marketplace.

“Taking a step back, our overall goal and mission at Alchemy is to make developers’ lives easy and make it super easy to build web3 applications. As we continue to talk to more developers in the space and understand their problems and needs, those tools are continuing to expand,” Elan Halpern, one of Alchemy's product leads, told TechCrunch.

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DApp development is a promising career with high earnings and a growing demand for specialists. According to statistics published by the CryptoJobsList platform on January 03, 2023, the average global salary of a Solidity developer was $98,114 per year. At the same time, the average of the top 10% of salaries was $200,000.