Polymer teams up with Celestia to develop interoperability infrastructure

Polymer and Celestia announced a collaboration to speed up innovation in modular technologies.

The statement issued by Polymer Labs recognizes that both projects are dedicated to modular solutions, calling their visions of the blockchain ecosystem “complementary.”

Together, the teams hope to “enable seamless communication across Polymer and Celestia rollups.” In the long run, the collaboration is expected to impart the same benefits to applications on different blockchains, creating a “modular technology stack for future builders.”

Co-founder of Polymer, Bo Du, signaled that actual works are already underway, confirming that Polymer was “currently” looking into ways to connect "all Celestia rollups with optimistic IBC light clients."

The news cranks up the heat as Celestia prepares for Modular Summit, the event they co-host with Maven 11 in Amsterdam on April 21. The Summit will see high-profile guests from Optimism, Polygon, Solana, and Consensys, plus Bo Du himself.