Cointraffic review: skyrocket your crypto brand with smart solutions for any budget

If you’re looking for a globally recognized crypto advertising network with an impressive track record, Cointraffic may be the right choice. Read our review to learn more about its features and services.

Cointraffic banner

Cointraffic is a leading crypto and Bitcoin advertising network that was founded in 2014 when the crypto market was still in its infancy. As a first mover in an emerging space, Cointraffic gained unmatched expertise in crypto marketing & PR and scored major deals with some big names in the industry, including OKX, KuCoin, Binance, Bitstarz,, Bybit, Huobi, and many others.

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Aside from already mentioned high-profile collaborations, Cointraffic boasts an impressive track record of over 17000 successful campaigns for crypto projects and formed partnerships with more than 500 prominent crypto outlets, including Coinpedia, The Daily Hodl, BeInCrypto, Bitcoinist, CoinGecko, and AMBCrypto, to name a few.

Benefits of using Cointraffic

The main advantage of Cointraffic is its tailored approach to the client’s needs and wants, which takes into account the target audience, budget, goals, and geography of the campaign. Thanks to the agency’s technology and in-house best practices, clients can rest assured that they will be timely updated on their campaigns’ performance down to the very last detail, so they can monitor and optimize their marketing strategy.

Cointraffic also offers some additional benefits, which include banner design assistance, translation services, personal managers, and self-service.

Sample press release distribution campaign by Cointraffic
Sample press release distribution campaign by Cointraffic

On top of that, Cointraffic is affordable even for small crypto projects, so you can still spread the word about your brand and stand out from the competition while staying on a tight budget. One banner ad campaign by Cointraffic costs 20 EUR with a minimal deposit of 500 EUR, while a full-fledged press release distribution campaign can be launched starting from 1,500 EUR.

Ad formats offered by Cointraffic

Cointraffic uses a cost-per-mile (CPM) model, which means that an advertiser pays for every 1,000 impressions of their ad. An impression is counted each time an ad is viewed by a user, regardless of whether they interact with the ad. CPM allows both publishers and advertisers to benefit from a predictable and efficient advertising model that can help them achieve their respective goals.

For advertisers, Cointraffic offers numerous ad formats to choose from:

  • Banner ads: visual creatives that provide awareness and generate traffic leads, both standard and non-standard formats available
  • Notification ads: quickly capture attention by mimicking push notifications
  • Pop-under ads: bring traffic directly to the project’s website by opening in the next browser tab when the user clicks anywhere on a publisher's site
  • Native ads: resemble the publication's editorial content but are labeled as “sponsored” or “advertising”
  • Press release distribution service: a targeted PR campaign that distributes the company brand across the network of crypto outlets

Join Cointraffic as Publisher

With Cointraffic, publishers can instantly turn their websites into money-making machines by placing relevant ads and professionally written content. Crypto outlets receive a decent payment for each press release published, but it’s worth noting that Cointraffic only works with high-quality websites to ensure the best traffic quality for advertisers. To be accepted as a publisher, your website has to be related to the crypto market, publish original content, have a user-friendly interface and a minimum unique visitor per month rate of 5,000 and above.

For publishers that fulfill the minimum requirements, Cointraffic offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Detailed statistics for each ad position to track performance and profits
  • CPM-based revenue model & high commissions
  • Fast payouts sent directly to the bank account or BTC wallet
  • Assistance from a personal account manager

Join Cointraffic as Advertiser

Cointraffic ensures that each campaign reaches its full potential and any goals set, offering a top-notch individual approach and personalized advice for its clients. Before the launch, all ad campaigns are manually checked to ensure that the network remains safe and free of spam, which usually takes just a couple of minutes. The benefits offered by Cointraffic to advertisers include:

  • Press release copy ready in 24 hours, distribution to crypto outlets within 3 days
  • Different payment options, including bank wire, crypto, and credit cards
  • Variety of ad formats to choose from
  • Quick campaign launch in 5 minutes
  • Easy-to-read performance reports

Bottom line

Cointraffic is a well-established crypto advertising network that offers tailored advertising solutions for clients of any budget. With an impressive track record of successful campaigns and partnerships with prominent crypto outlets, Cointraffic provides various ad formats, detailed performance reports, and personalized assistance for both publishers and advertisers. Its cost-per-mile (CPM) model allows for efficient and predictable advertising, while its manual checking ensures a safe and spam-free network. Overall, Cointraffic is an excellent choice for any crypto project looking to boost its growth and visibility.