MicroBT's WhatsMiner M50 Series

The new air-cooling M50S model boasts 126 terahash/second of computing power at 26 joules per terahash of power efficiency and runs on 3276 watts.

A stock photo of a data centre technician with laptop near the mining rig.

MicroBT presented new series at the Bitcoin 2022 event, held in Miami, the US, on April 6th. According to the company, the new-gen M50S will be powered by a 5nm Samsung processor, beating the previous game-changer M30S++ by 15% in energy efficiency. The same processor will power an improved air-cooling version of M30S++ called WhatsMiner M50. The series also includes a liquid-cooling M53 model.

New models will be available for shipping starting from Q3 of 2022, as the company promises to deliver over 30,000 pieces per month. MicroBT COO Jianbing Chen expressed hopes that the M50 series will help customers to enter into the 2X J/T mining era.

A month ago, MicroBT's closest rival Bitmain already announced its new liquid-cooling miner.