Solana beta launches on Open Sea

Open Sea users can now buy, sell and transfer Solana NFTs, with 165 collections already available, and more to come.

Solana is the fourth chain on Open Sea, joining Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn. In the statement announcing the start of Solana beta, Open Sea admitted that Solana was “among the most requested chains by the OpenSea community.”

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With over 5.7 million NFTs minted to date and the average mint cost at $1.5, Solana emerged as one of the most popular NFT ecosystems. The network has better block time and block size compared to Ethereum, ensuring lower gas fees and faster transaction speeds. It also uses Proof of Stake, which reduces the environmental impact of a single transaction to less than that of two Google searches.

The beta starts with 165 collections, but Open Sea claims more would be added every day. The final launch will include a “scalable way to expand coverage via the Metaplex collection standard.” For now, the community can share Solana creators and collections to add, and see those already available on a dedicated landing page.