Vitalik Buterin donated almost $5m in ETH to two Ukrainian charity funds

Ethereum co-founder made two transactions to the Aid For Ukraine and Unchain funds, each worth 750 ETH.

A stock image of Ukraine standing on top of the pile of coins.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Buterin became a vocal supporter of Ukraine, promoting crypto fundraising for Ukrainian civilians and calling for de-escalation even before the war started. “Ethereum is neutral, but I am not,” he wrote on Twitter when confronted by some of his followers for getting “too political.”

Unchain is a charity project that supports war-hit Ukrainian women and children by giving away free crypto debit cards. The card can be used for everyday payments and cash withdrawals, providing the owner with an allowance of 25 euros per week. Aid For Ukraine is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Digital Transformation that raises funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and civilians in need of humanitarian aid.