Marketing to Blockchain? Start-Up Says Yes

Smart Marketing Token wants to inform and educate crypto projects and tokenized companies to help them reach wider audiences and drive adoption.

The whitepaper of Smart Marketing Token, which brands itself as the source of marketing information in web3, contains a brief history of marketing. It starts in pre-advertising times, winds its way through various customer-centered approaches, then reaches the digital era.

SMT clearly sees itself as the next chapter. Looking to leverage crypto information to help other users and projects, the founders make no secret of the fact that they want to create a new marketing standard.

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Pay-as-you-go marketing

SMT users will be able to use their tokens on a featuring everything from banner creation and audits to social media advertising.

The platform is going to work in a semi-automated mode. When a customer purchases a service, they will be contacted by an SMT consultant who will discuss their needs in more detail. The marketplace is not yet fully operational, but a sneak peek is already available and it looks quite user-friendly.

Source: Smart Marketing Token

STC Terminal integration

Aside from the marketplace, SMT will offer special services for projects tokenized via Student Coin’s STC Terminal. According to SMT founders, the integration between the STC ecosystem and SMT marketing expertise will boost the functionality of both.

STC Terminal-listed launchpads will be able to take advantage of SMT’s services at special rates. What’s more, SMT will charge no initial fees. The functionality can make tokenization a little more accessible, especially for those taking their first steps in crypto.

Building a community

In addition to digital marketing services, SMT is also developing a platform designed to bring together crypto and crypto-curious companies. Every month, SMT users will get the chance to vote on the most promising project, and the winner will receive marketing support. Additionally, the SMT community will have access to a digital marketing information and educational reports.

SMT has strong partners, including AdShares, CoinZilla, Coinranking, and CoinCodex, not to mention Student Coin. When it’s fully operational, it could open up new perspectives for struggling crypto start-ups as well as digital marketing itself.

This article features products developed by Student Coin, which also runs Coinpaper.