Ethereum L2 zkSync opens its alpha mainnet to public

Just a day after Arbitrum’s ARB token launch, another scaling solution for Ethereum goes live — and the community is already hyped up about airdrop rumors.

Rocket launch into stratosphere, art generated by Midjourney.

Ethereum Layer 2 network zkSync has finally opened its network to the public after four years of building and testing. ZkSync Era becomes the first EVM-compatible zero-knowledge rollup to hit the mainnet, enabling most Ethereum DApps to seamlessly port to the new network and continue to use the same code, tooling, and smart contracts that they use on the Ethereum blockchain.

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“Scaling Ethereum isn’t about transaction throughput, costs, or user experience — it’s a means to an end, but not the goal itself. We’re scaling freedom: trustless, barrierless, permissionless economic cooperation,” zkSync developer Matter Labs stated in a blog post.

Now when the zkSync Era is live, users and projects are welcome to bridge their funds to the system and play around to stress-test the network. Matter Labs emphasized that it spent over a year and $3.8 million to make sure that no bug goes unnoticed, having so far conducted seven independent security audits, three internal audits, and two public security contests, along with bug bounties for whitehats and running a testnet.

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At the time of writing, 18 projects already went live on zkSync Era, including Argent Wallet, Celer Network, Orbiter Finance,, tofuNFT, and MES Protocol.

“Beyond security preparation, the best way to secure the protocol is to have it battle-tested in a live production environment over time, and that starts now. zkSync Era will remain in Alpha while we monitor the system with increased usage and TVL,” Matter Labs said.