Unauthorized Ordinal NFT Sold

Luke Dashjr called out an unauthorized Ordinal NFT that used his code without permission.

Multi-colored binary code
Luke Dashjr’s code was sold as an Ordinal NFT without his consent.

On February 27, Luke Dashjr shared his concerns about the recent sale of an Ordinal NFT based on an image containing his code. The auction was hosted by Scarce.City, a new marketplace for Ordinals.

The community-paid Bitcoin developer stated in his tweet:

"Let me be clear – I was not involved with the creation and sale of this or any other ‘NFTs’. I have not consented to the use of my code or my name for this purpose. Instead, 3rd parties are marketing my name and my code for their own monetary gain."

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After the auction, Dashjr was contacted by both the buyer of the NFT and its seller. The first was obviously confused, believing that Dashjr was involved in the auction. The person asked the author of the code in a friendly manner, "Think I won your auction?"

The seller, who most likely is a representative of the auction website, offered Dashjr the auction proceeds. However, this person was unwilling to pay the full explaining that the auction fee was 10%. Dashjr could have received 0.369 of 0.410 BTC, the value of the last bid.

Dashjr believes that this was a way to either "bribe him into silence" or "obtain his consent after the fact," and has firmly rejected this offer.

"I will not accept such payment at the expense of the public who are being misled. I will not accept any such ‘donation’." He also insisted on refunding 100% of the auction proceeds to the purchaser of the NFT.

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Ironically, Dashjr is against the use of the Ordinal protocol for minting NFTs, while the unauthorized digital asset using his work was minted on the Bitcoin blockchain.

"Ordinals aren't _just_ a spam attack; they are also an attack on Bitcoin's fungibility, and if accepted would break at least Lightning and CoinJoin," said Dashjr said in his tweet on February 14.