Paris Hilton will launch a dating show in the metaverse

Paris Hilton will host a Valentine's-Day-themed dating event on The Sandbox platform. Last year, the celebrity filed a trademark application for the "queen of the metaverse" title.

Metaverse love

Paris Hilton is helping users find love in the metaverse. The hotel-fortune heiress and a proto-influencer (she did influencing before the term was even coined) struck up a partnership with The Sandbox to host a dating show on the platform. The Valentine's Day-themed experience called "Parisland" will run from February 13 through March 13.

The event is set on "a dazzling tropical island." Participants will be able to earn rewards for completing a number of tasks, including flirting with other players, choosing a wedding ring and a wedding dress, and rescuing a castaway. Additionally, on February 17, The Sandbox will hold a party to celebrate Hilton's birthday.

Not everyone's invited, though. To relish this "unique" social experience, you need to complete 100% of the "Parisland" quests, take a selfie with virtual Paris, have a KYC-verified account, and still count on luck, as only 50 randomly drawn winners will make it to the party.

Hilton, a self-designated "Queen of the metaverse," has expressed her enchantment with breakthrough technologies on several occasions. "I've always been an undercover nerd, so I've been obsessed with anything to do with technology and the future," she said in an interview with CNN Business. "Now my new nickname is 'The Queen of the Metaverse," she added.

The socialite used that sobriquet a number of times in her social media posts, including Twitter. She went as far with claiming the title as to file a trademark application for it. Obviously, it's a savvy decision businesswise. Typically, there's only one queen of something, especially if guaranteed by intellectual property law. So, Hilton will be able to leverage her majesty to sell digital stuff and her, well, personality.