South Korea has just launched world's first city-backed metaverse platform

South Korea's capital has just launched Metaverse Seoul. The world's first city-backed metaverse platform provides easy access to a range of municipal services in a virtual environment.

Metaverse access

News outlets have been silent about the metaverse advancements recently but make no mistake. The industry is evolving and sees a bright future ahead. According to several studies quoted in the December's Capgemini report, the metaverse market size may reach $1 trillion by 2030. Currently, things don't look bad either, at least in terms of money. According to CoinMarketCap's data, the market capitalization of metaverse tokens exceeds $12 billion,

One of the projects at the forefront of the metaverse revolution is just-launched "Metaverse Seoul." According to the press release, the platform is the first city-backed public metaverse in the world. As the name suggests, the project is a rough reconstruction of South Korea's capital in virtual reality. Rough not only in the sense of covered space but also with regard to quality. The replica has already been bashed for clunky user experience.

Still, the key aim of the project is to provide Seoul's citizens with easy access to civil services rather than amusement. The government is serious about it. South Korea's president Yook Suk-yeoul declared that the technology is a national priority.

"Metaverse Seoul" still has a way to go. It is a three-part project scheduled for completion by 2026. Initially, it will offer a range services typically provided by municipal authorities, such as issuing proof of citizenship, tax and business counseling, complaint filing, as well as avatar-based education and mentoring for teens and adolescents. Entertainment is also available, though – users can play games in a virtual version of Seoul Plaza. If it doesn't sound thrilling, you can take a virtual tour of the mayor's office as an alternative.

South Korea has been an early adopter in the metaverse-based city-replica business. In September last year, Seongnam announced its plans to become the second municipality in the metaverse after Seoul. Not long after, Changwon authorities informed about similar ambitions.