The return of degen: NFT collection of pixelated feet tops OpenSea charts

“0 roadmap, 0 promises, 0 marketing, 0 paid influencers,” Feetpix tweeted Tuesday. “1 common love of feet.”

The screenshot of website
Image:, an NFT collection of 10,000 unsophisticated feet pics of four rarity tiers, became a roaring success just three days after being listed on OpenSea and is currently the fifth most-traded collection on the marketplace, outperforming well-established blue-chip collections like Bored Apes, Azuki, and Doodles.

The project, which was initially free to mint, did 725 ETH — just under one million dollars at the press time — in trading volume since its launch on January 9, with 354 ETH coming in the last 24 hours alone. So far, the meme collection has seen its floor price jump from 0.0026 ETH (less than $4) to 0.102 ETH (about $136). Feetpix’s anonymous creators currently own 988 NFTs or 9.88% of the entire collection.

Feetpix rarity is determined by the combination of several attributes that include accessories, background, clothes, nails, and skin. The last one has already sparked some sort of controversy, as the skin tones included dark brown, brown, tanned, white, fair, and “normal” — a color that looks like a variation of white.

The creators of Feetpix don’t even pretend that their project has any utility or conveys some deep meaning. Just like the Goblin Town collection before them, Feetpix were born out of the despair of prolonged crypto winter and degens’ hunger for the next big thing — even if the thing is a JPEG of feet with poo on them.

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Or, if we dive deeper, both Feetpix and Goblin Town can be interpreted as a meta-ironic statement about the joyful depravity and degeneration of NFT bros. “Volume traded = number of poor souls requiring some form of therapy. We don't make the rules,” the Feetpix creators wryly commented on the overnight popularity of their project.

“NFTs are a retail-driven market. A meme like Feetpix doing well can actually be beneficial for the entire market in the sense that it's so ridiculous it grabs headlines. "If pixelated pictures of feet can actually run, what else can?" The rotation will be back to quality,” one Twitter user opined.

The rest of the NFT Twitter wasn’t as insightful — degens celebrated the supposed end of the NFT market and spontaneously organized a bizarre flash mob of posting borderline feet porn. And perhaps this is what Feetpix creators wanted their project to be a part of — after all, the collection's call to action was explicitly about embracing the most twisted and embarrassing desires.

“Pixel feet pics you never thought you needed. Satisfy your deepest and darkest fantasies, Feetpix’s OpenSea description reads. “Don’t be shy, our feet will be taking you along our journey so strap in.”

For now, crypto winter seems to be far from over — but that won’t keep degens from having fun. If you feel like a pixelated feet pic may sweeten the pill of having to accept the fact that your diamond hands netted you -80% this year, you should probably just embrace it.