SBF released on $250 million bail but doesn't have to pay it

Sam Bankman Fried got released on the highest-ever pre-trial bond, secured by his parents' luxurious house in Palo Alto, where he will stay monitored by a GPS device.

Bail bonds neon caption

It didn't take long for Sam Bankman-Fried to leave prison for more convenient confinement. The ex-FTX CEO was released on a $250 million bail after appearing before a magistrate in the Southern District of New York to face charges on eight counts of financial fraud. The decision was announced just 14 hours after SBF arrived from the Bahamas.

The bail package includes a personal recognizance bond which allows a defendant to leave on their own recognizance. The bond is secured by SBF's parents' home in Palo Alto, CA, and was signed by himself, his parents, and a non-family member whose name has not yet been disclosed. According to Assistant US Attorney Nick Roos, the bail granted to SBF is "the highest ever pre-trial bond."

Under bail conditions, SBF is confined to the space of his parents' home. He can leave it only for exercise, mental health, and substance abuse treatment, which covers quite a range of activities. He won't be able to play with the bail conditions, though, since his whereabouts are monitored by a GPS device. Any violation will result in issuing a warrant for SBF's arrest.

"This individual has no prior criminal history of any time, and strong ties to this country, his family lives here. There's no record of violence, he is a citizen, and this is a first arrest," Judge Gorenstein said, substantiating the leave granted to Bankman-Fried.