Telegram rakes in millions of dollars from username auction

Telegram's username auction attracts high bidders. In a few days following the launch, the company grossed millions of dollars from sold handles.


The username auction held by Telegram turned out to be a huge success. The platform has already sold handles for millions of dollars, and it's not even halfway through.

The company announced the launch of its marketplace On October 27. "This will enable Telegram handles, comprising both usernames and channels, to be bought and sold using Toncoin," it explained in a press release.

Telegram has put up its digital assets for bidding on In a few days following the announcement, the company made millions of dollars in toncoins (the current toncoin exchange rate is around $1.70), with the top-sold handle bringing in 900,000 toncoins (over $150,000).

Telegram handles auction

The highest price on the sold names list has already been topped by the bids for @news handle and related assets, including the web address and TON web 3.0 address. With many more valuable usernames currently on sale and hefty offers coming in, the auction looks like a long gravy train for Telegram.

Telegram handle auction

The current auction has been inspired by the previous similar event held earlier this year. The company managed to sell over 2,000 ton domains for a total of 2,392,002 toncoins, with the highest grossing name, Wallet.ton, grossing 215,250 toncoins, and runner-ups, Casino.ton and Bank.ton, bringing in 200,000 and 157,500 toncoins, respectively.

Telegram invites users to sell their names on the auction under certain requirements. Participants must be long-time service users with a registered short username and a secure crypto wallet on the TON app.

Then users need to connect their toncoin wallet and Telegram account to the Fragment platform. For details, check website