You can now buy, rent or sell a private jet in metaverse

Color Start partnered with China-based Blujet to offer private jets through the Color World metaverse. The company wants to be the first in the world to provide comprehensive aviation services through VR.

Jet engine

Private jets are now available for sale in metaverse shopping malls. At least in one of them. Color Star Technology, a New York-based entertainment and education technology company, announced its partnership with Shenzhen Qianhai Bluejet Aviation Service (Bluejet), a Chinese flight services platform, to offer private aircraft for sale through ColorWorld Metaverse (Color World), in a first-of-its-kind initiative.

The service, headquartered in Color World, is available to all public customers. Users can not only buy but also rent and sell aircraft. The key feature of transacting through Color World is the ability to examine the product in detail via VR before making a buying decision. The deals can be made online as well as offline.

The project has serious ambitions to scale. "This is just the beginning. Our team is currently working hard at researching and developing air routes, air services, etc. Our ultimate goal is to not only allow customers to enjoy tailored private flight services through our metaverse platform, but to also provide them with an extensive variety of air services, air routes, etc. in Color World through the use of AI technology. We hope to become the first company in the world to provide such services" – says Farhan Qadir, CEO of Color Star.

Both companies hope for synergy in increasing their brands' influence and blazing new trails in the emerging metaverse economy. Color Star wants to prove "with hard evidence" that it's able to set a new level of standards with its software platform to serve as a medium between the virtual and the physical worlds. Before embarking on a jet trading enterprise, the company focused on providing entertainment education content with superstars as instructors through its Color World app.

Aviation companies have made forays into the metaverse before. Earlier this year, Qatar Airways launched Qverse, an app delivering a metaverse-like experience for passengers to visually explore the Hamad International Airport's Premium Check-in section and view seats in Qatar Airways' airplane.

In December last year, Farrington Jets, a luxury jet provider, announced it would use metaverse for a more immersive customer experience. However, the company hasn't yet provided further details about these plans.

A less prominent example is immersive shopping provided by luxury brands at London's Heathrow Airport. Companies like Chanel enable passengers to virtually try on products on an augmented reality digital screen before putting them in a shopping cart.