LIZARD PRIME - The world's first entrepreneurial NFT

Lizard Prime is an exclusive 3D NFT project developed by Prime NFT. By purchasing NFT from lizard prime, you will get exclusive discounts to enterprise, use tools and services as an official representative and owner of Lizard Prime NFT.

PRIME NFT, a company focused on development and innovation, will be launching LIZARD PRIME on 14.09.2022

The world's first entrepreneurship NFT with numerous utilities.

With the accession of cryptocurrencies in 2021 and its apex in NFT in 2022, the market daily seeks real utilities for these digital assets. You who obtain LIZARD PRIME will receive a unique portfolio full of services offered by PRIME NFT in partnership with SKY PRIME;

  • Website development
  • Complete evaluation of social networks
  • Study, structuring and market research
  • Marketing
  • Blockchain Marketing

With your NFT, you will have discounts ranging from 5% to 20% directly through the PRIME NFT and SKY PRIME website.

Tokenization and Marketplace

PRIME NFT in partnership with WEB 3 FAST also brings the first fully integrated Marketplace for LIZARD PRIME holders.

All LIZARD PRIME holders have been given access to our newest Tokenization and Marketplace platform. We will have several real world utilities being bundled in WEB 3.0, some of the beneficial ones include;

  • Technological products.
  • Properties.
  • Marketing Services.
  • Utilities.
  • Courses.
  • Collectibles.

These are some of the built-in benefits to be distributed to LIZARD PRIME license holders. Users will receive full access to the entire ecosystem that guarantees the sale of exclusive products on the marketplace platform, earning money by reselling these products.

We don't stop here, in partnership with STUDO, LIZARD PRIME holders received access to the courses and contents of the platform, an exclusive platform for the production and commercialization of content, being the first edtech of web 3.0.

With the adhesion of Tokenization and with the scaling of services, LIZARD PRIME arrives with an affordable price, generating income and guaranteeing the continuity of its benefits;

  • Courses through the STUDO platform.
  • Access to the exclusive Tokenization system.
  • Access License for the MARKTPLACE platform (1 year).
  • Guarantee of representation and remuneration for each sale on the platform.

In addition to all this universe of opportunities offered by LIZARD PRIME, we will have more advantages that include PHYSICAL PRODUCTS, MANGA LAUNCH, SOCIAL ACTIONS and more launches in the 4th quarter of 2022.

With LIZARD PRIME we will be able to expand and unify the reality of monetization of the services provided, creating a movement to expand the national technological workforce.

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