CROSS THE AGES Launches ReVerse, Integrating RWA into Gaming

CROSS THE AGES has launched ReVerse, integrating Real World Assets into its virtual gaming ecosystem with a focus on renewable energy.

CROSS THE AGES (CTA) has launched ReVerse, a concept that integrates Real World Assets (RWAs) into its virtual ecosystem, blending web3, blockchain, and traditional gaming technologies. ReVerse will allow users to enjoy entertainment, asset ownership, and financial gain while supporting renewable energy initiatives.

Bridging the Gap Between the Physical and Virtual Worlds

ReVerse will serve as a bridge between the virtual realm and the physical world. Any interactions in the digital ecosystem will have direct implications in the real world, linking entertainment with tangible financial and environmental outcomes.

ReVerse's virtual lands correspond to real-world industrial activities to produce carbon-neutral energy from renewable sources. It specifically targets sectors with high energy consumption, like data centers and cryptocurrency mining, and offers sustainable energy solutions. 

The CTA token is the main currency in Artellium, which is the universe of CROSS THE AGES, and allows players to convert their virtual achievements into real-world assets through a minting process. This transformation enables the trade, rental, and collection of NFT cards, generating a minimum ROI through the sale of renewable energy produced on physical lands.

ReVerse Already Attracting Attention

So far, ReVerse has already attracted attention from five publishers and more than 70 venture capitalists. Co-founders Sami Chlagou and Richard Estève plan to expand their activities in the United States, as well as to build and scout new locations to boost their real-world asset portfolio. 

According to Sami Chlagou, the CEO of CROSS THE AGES, “The connection between the virtual and real worlds through ReVerse is set to shift the traditional entertainment paradigm, making gaming both more interactive and impactful.”

CROSS THE AGES was launched back in 2020, and is a transmedia intellectual property that combines futuristic fantasy and sci-fi narratives. By using blockchain technology, CTA blends virtual and real-world experiences, including books, comics, gaming, esports, and collectibles, while promoting renewable energy.