Major Update to LiteFinance's cTrader Trading Terminal

[Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , 07/01/2024] — LiteFinance, a leading financial services company, is excited to announce a substantial update to the cTrader trading terminal provided to its clients. This update brings a suite of new features and enhancements designed to improve user convenience and expand traders' capabilities.

Key Highlights of the Update:

Separation of cTrader Automate (formerly cAlgo) into a Standalone Application

One of the most notable changes is the separation of the cTrader Automate development environment into an independent application. This change allows traders to develop and test their automated strategies (cBots) in a dedicated environment, which is seamlessly integrated with the main trading terminals. This separation enhances the efficiency and focus of algorithmic trading development.

Synchronization with Free Built-In Cloud Service

The update introduces a powerful synchronization feature with a free built-in cloud service. Traders can now run their automated strategies without continuously on their terminals. This cloud service enables management of trading activities from any version of the terminal, whether Mobile, Desktop, or Web. This functionality significantly simplifies the trading process, offering flexibility and convenience.

Introduction of Plugins

Another significant addition is the introduction of plugins. These plugins provide users with access to various services directly within the cTrader terminal. Key capabilities available with plugins include:

  • Integration of Additional Services: Users can now access trading functionalities, market data, local storage operations, internet access, and more directly through cTrader.

  • Integration of Third-Party Services: Plugins allow for the integration of external services. For example, users can create a plugin with WebView to view Bloomberg TV or other financial news agencies without leaving the cTrader terminal.

Benefits of the Update

The new features and enhancements provide several benefits to users:

  • Advanced AI Tools: Users can leverage artificial intelligence tools directly within cTrader, enhancing their trading strategies and analysis.

  • Web Browsing of Financial Resources: The integration of web browsing capabilities allows users to access powerful financial resources and stay updated with market news and trends.

  • Custom Trading Panels and Calculators: Traders can create custom trading panels and calculators for one-click data analysis, significantly improving efficiency and decision-making.

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Convenience: The cloud synchronization feature offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing traders to manage their activities from any device, at any time.

Additional Information

To activate these updates, users simply need to restart their terminals. If a terminal has not been restarted for more than a day, a green banner will appear in the upper right corner, notifying the user of the need to restart.

About LiteFinance

LiteFinance is a renowned financial services provider known for its innovative trading solutions and commitment to enhancing its clients' trading experience. Focusing on advanced technology and user-centric features, LiteFinance continues to lead the financial services industry.

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