Last 15% of AVAX Option A2 public sale unlocked

The final stage brings the total amount allocated for public sale to 60m AVAX.

Trading charts

On March 4th at midnight GMT, AVAX unlocked the last portion of its Option A2 public sale, adding 9m AVAX. All Option A2 tokens are sold at $0.5 per token.

In the hours following the addition, AVAX dropped to about $75, then rebounded and reached $80 again. The day before, over $500m was bridged into AVAX from Ethereum, suggesting that investors had foreseen the dip.

Both A1 and A2 launched in September 2020. Subsequent portions were released every 3 months, but while A1 had a vesting period of 1 year, A2 extended it by 6 months. Public sale is set to amount to 10% of global AVAX token distribution.

The final unlocking of Option A2 comes as the team at Avalanche prepares for Avalanche Summit, which starts on March 22nd in Barcelona, Spain.