The Crypto Market-Making Experts: Interview with Daniil from EasyMM

As the crypto bull market rages on, market-making firms are playing an increasingly vital role in providing liquidity and stability. We sat down with Daniil Kozin, head of sales at leading market-maker EasyMM, to get his insider perspective on navigating these volatile times.

Hey Daniil! Could you give us a quick intro to yourself and EasyMM, and how you found your way into the crypto market-making space?

I'm Daniil, head of sales at EasyMM. I got into crypto market-making because I was drawn to the fast pace and potential compared to traditional finance. EasyMM brings liquidity to these wild crypto markets using sophisticated tech combined with human expertise.

Market making is often seen as a mysterious art in the crypto world. Could you shed some light on what it entails and how EasyMM approaches it uniquely?

Yeah, market making has that mystical vibe, right? Essentially, we provide liquidity by continuously buying and selling assets to ensure there's always a counterparty for trades. At EasyMM, we blend cutting-edge algorithms with a human touch to swiftly adapt to market dynamics.

Any interesting cases or stories from your experience at EasyMM that shed light on the dynamic nature of the crypto market?

One standout case involved increasing a project's market cap by 50x in a year through our liquidity strategies combined with their marketing efforts. We also excel at managing new token launches by fending off manipulators while ensuring stability. And when major news hits, we work closely with teams to gracefully navigate volatility.

Let’s delve into some major news in the crypto industry. The SEC's recent approval of spot Ethereum ETFs has created a buzz. How do you think these ETFs will impact the broader crypto market?

The spot ETFs are huge. They open crypto to more institutional money, adding fresh capital and potentially reducing volatility as the market diversifies. But we should brace for some short-term turbulence too as it adjusts.

Investors are hopeful that the Federal Reserve's progress on inflation might lead to interest rate cuts. How do you see this affecting the crypto market?

Lower interest rates could be a big boost for crypto. With safer investment options like bonds offering lower returns, investors will likely look for higher yields in riskier markets like crypto. Any rate cut is good news as it pushes money towards markets like ours.

The rise of AI tokens has been fascinating. Can you explain what AI tokens are and how they're impacting the crypto space?

AI tokens are tied to projects using artificial intelligence for things like data analysis, trading, blockchain infrastructure, and so on. There's a lot of hype with projects just slapping "AI" on as a buzzword without real tech. But legit AI can seriously enhance crypto by optimizing processes, boosting security, and making smarter decisions. You just have to cut through the noise.

The market value of AI tokens has skyrocketed from $2.7 billion to over $39 billion. What do you think is driving this exponential growth?

It's the perfect storm - groundbreaking tech meeting crazy market hype. Combine powerful AI with blockchain's decentralized ethos and you get something exciting both futurists and investors. The growth is driven by the real applications, partnerships, and successful use cases proving the concept.

The recent Senate bill proposing potential sanctions on crypto has stirred up some concern. How is EasyMM navigating potential regulatory challenges?

We stay ahead of the curve, closely monitoring regulatory developments and working with legal experts to ensure compliance. Our strategy is adapting proactively to meet new requirements while providing a secure, legit environment for clients.

It's intriguing to see former President Trump embracing crypto. How do you perceive his promises to become the 'crypto president,' and what implications might this have for the industry?

Trump's crypto support is definitely positive for the market sentiment. As his chances increase, so will optimism driven by hopes for crypto-friendly policies. But you gotta remember - buy the rumor, sell the news. Even if he wins, it'll take time for promises to become reality. Still, any positive momentum helps.

The crypto market has a reputation for short memories. Could you share an anecdote or case where historical patterns played a role in shaping current market sentiments?

 For sure. Crypto is still very young - most early adopters joined during the 2016-2017 ICO mania. Since then we've seen the DeFi summer, NFT craze, and now AI/meme token hype (again). Yet few consider what happens to these projects long-term.

In general, people chase crypto for massive gains. But the market is maturing and getting more regulated. Each hype cycle brings innovations but also a speculative frenzy, followed by a stabilization period. Understanding these patterns can help investors navigate wisely, while still catching big opportunities as the space evolves.

As we wrap up, what are your forecasts or pieces of advice for investors navigating the crypto landscape in the coming months?

My advice - stay super informed on news and tech, diversify investments, research deeply, manage risk tightly, watch for scams, and keep a long-term outlook through volatility. The opportunities are huge but it requires a strategic, level-headed approach. Always DYOR and keep funds SAFU!