Trakx Zealy Campaign & Platform Incentives: $TRKX Token Airdrop

Trakx, a leading global fintech company, is launching its TRKX token with an exciting Token Airdrop campaign. This "Discover > Learn > Trade" campaign aims to engage users in a multifaceted journey of exploration, education, and participation within the Trakx ecosystem.

With a total supply of over $500,000 worth of TRKX tokens, this Airdrop presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals to start engaging with Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs) while being rewarded for their involvement. The Airdrop is divided into three parts, and participants are invited to discover, learn, and ultimately trade within the Trakx ecosystem.

Overview of the TRKX Token Airdrop Campaign

The TRKX Airdrop Campaign is designed to engage users, foster community participation, and reward involvement within the Trakx ecosystem. Let's explore the three components of the campaign in detail:

  • Participants on the Trakx Trading Platform can earn rewards by depositing funds, trading Crypto Tradable Indices, and referring friends.

  • Points are awarded for each action, assigning different point values to tasks like depositing funds, trading CTIs, and referring friends.

  • The top 2500 participants will receive rewards based on their accumulated points, encouraging active participation and engagement with the platform.

  • Users are invited to join Trakx's Zealy Certified Community and complete quests to earn XP.

  • Quests range from onboarding tasks to recurrent quests, with additional XP opportunities available through time-limited quests.

  • The top 10,000 participants on the leaderboard will receive rewards based on their XP accumulation, fostering community engagement.

  • Three Airdrop Sprints, Discover, Learn, and Trade, introduce exclusive activities for participants.

  • Each sprint offers the chance to earn additional TRKX tokens through specific tasks and challenges, further incentivizing participation and collaboration within the community.

  • Participants must join the Zealy Community Campaign to access these sprint activities, enhancing overall engagement and involvement.

By participating in the TRKX Airdrop Campaign, users can earn rewards through a combination of community activities and challenges. With rewards distributed based on participation, the campaign encourages involvement and fosters community within the Trakx ecosystem.

Benefits of the TRKX Token

The TRKX token is a fundamental tool within the Trakx ecosystem, offering users various benefits and advantages. Let's explore the key benefits associated with holding and utilizing the TRKX token:

  • TRKX token holders can enjoy discounts of up to 50% on trading fees on the Trakx platform, based on the amount of TRKX tokens staked.

  • Additionally, TRKX holders have a higher API trading rate than non-holders, enhancing their trading efficiency.

  • TRKX token holders can participate in the referral program, and they earn a percentage of fees redistributed from referrals.

  • The percentage redistributed varies based on TRKX tokens staked, providing an additional avenue for passive income generation.

  • TRKX token holders play a crucial role in governing the Trakx ecosystem by participating in key decision-making processes.

  • Holders can vote on proposals related to incentive and grant programs, allocation of TRKX tokens, and platform fees, ensuring community involvement.

  • Trakx implements a buyback and burn program to support the value of the TRKX token and ensure long-term sustainability.

  • A portion of revenue derived from retail trading is allocated to a vault, which is used to buy back or sell TRKX tokens on the market as needed, aligning the token's price with its perceived long-term value.

  • Active members of the community may be eligible to receive grants in TRKX tokens as rewards for their contributions to the platform.

  • Additionally, TRKX token holders enjoy priority access to new products and personalized support, further enhancing their overall experience on the Trakx platform.

Overall, the TRKX token offers a range of tangible benefits, from fee discounts and staking opportunities to governance rights and exclusive perks. By holding and utilizing the TRKX token, users can maximize their engagement with the Trakx ecosystem while enjoying numerous advantages tailored to their needs and preferences. About Trakx: Crypto Index Trading Platform

Trakx stands as a pioneering platform in crypto index trading, providing advanced solutions tailored to both institutional clients and retail investors. Let's delve into the key aspects of Trakx and its mission to redefine the crypto index trading experience:

  • Trakx is democratizing access to cryptocurrency investments and fostering financial inclusivity among investors of all backgrounds.

  • Since its inception in 2019, Trakx has been the top provider of advanced, customized crypto index funds for institutional clients and retail investors.

  • Trakx's mission revolves around educating users and providing them with the necessary resources and tools to make informed and efficient investment decisions.

  • By promoting diversification and risk management, Trakx empowers users to navigate the cryptocurrency market with confidence and resilience.

  • Trakx prioritizes compliance, positioning itself as one of the few highly registered exchanges in the industry.

  • By adhering to stringent regulatory standards, Trakx ensures security and integrity, fostering trust and confidence.

  • Trakx offers a range of cutting-edge crypto investment products, with a primary focus on Crypto Tradable Indices (CTIs).

  • CTIs provide users with easy diversification, advanced automated investment strategies, and robust risk management tools, catering to various risk appetites and preferences.

  • Unlike traditional crypto ETFs, which are only tradable during specific market hours, Trakx's CTIs enable 24/7 trading, ensuring accessibility at all times.

  • CTIs are backed by a 1:1 ratio with the underlying assets, guaranteeing liquidity and market stability.

  • Trakx is committed to making the cryptocurrency world more inclusive, democratic, and fair by offering accessible and user-friendly investment products.

  • Regardless of risk tolerance, investment strategies, or available funds, Trakx's CTIs cater to diverse user needs, promoting financial inclusivity and equality.

Through its innovative approach, commitment to regulation, and focus on user empowerment, Trakx continues to create advanced crypto index trading strategies, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future for all investors.