ORACLE MEME Presale Hits $370k On The Early Stages As 1000X Growth Talks Intensifies

With the crypto market indicators showing an upcoming bullish sentiment, ORACLE MEME ($OMEME) ranks among the hottest coins to buy. This is evident from its exponential performance during its early stages of presale, where the $OMEME raised $370k. This performance comes against a backdrop of massive community build-up that the ORACLE MEME project has been experiencing recently.

ORACLE MEME has everything to maintain this exponential growth during the presale period and might hit 1000X growth in the next few weeks. Note that from the tokenomics, only 40% of the 50 billion $OMEME (total supply) is up for grabs during the presale. With the first-days uptake, the presale will likely end sooner than anticipated.

What is ORACLE MEME and Why Buy It?

ORACLE MEME is a meme coin project dedicated to changing the meme coin landscape by addressing the key challenges hindering this niche growth. The lack of utility has, for the longest time, been a major issue. According to the whitepaper, the team is building a meme coin with utility to fix this. In fact, they are building a utility coin, which is also a meme coin.

But what is attracting the crypto community is the disruptive ORACLE ecosystem the team is building. ORACLE MEME ecosystem will have its own blockchain, known as ORACLE CHAIN, a layer-2 solution that is solving the blockchain trilemma – scalability, security, and decentralization.

The network will be highly scalable, significantly reducing the transaction cost. It will be super-secure to address the prevalent hacking problem with meme coins. In addition to the network, many other utility products are coming up, including the Meme AI Generator, a tool for creating memes.

Meme Coin Generator is another product that will help developers create their own Meme cryptocurrencies. There is also a Meme Launchpad for developers to launch their projects. The launch pad will also give ORACLE MEME investors opportunities to invest in new coins.

Therefore, ORACLE MEME is not just another meme project that is building utility but is a coin with a massive adoption potential.


The exponential presale performance is an indicator of the confidence investors have in this token. The massive adoption of the disruptive ORACLE ecosystem has attracted many investors during this presale. The mass adoption of this token will not only skyrocket the price but will also guarantee its price stability.

As more disruptive products and hundreds of meme projects release on the ORACLE chain, the token will keep growing bigger. This means huge value gains for $OMEME holders. Note that the Meme Launchpad gives investors an opportunity to buy meme coins. In addition, the token tokenomics and transparency are other reasons this coin attracts investors' attention.

So ORACLE MEME coin is promising investors huge returns both short term and long term. With the 1000x growth now almost a reality, there is every reason crypto enthusiasts should add this meme coin to their portfolio.

$OMEME Staking

Most investors participating in the presale are already staking their tokens. With Stake rewards based on dynamic percentage, you can generate a decent passive income rather than just holding the tokens in the wallets. This is another reason why the presale is doing so well.

Final Thought

ORACLE MEME's performance on the early stages indicates the powerful community behind this coin and investors' confidence. $OMEME has the potential to hit +1000x growth in the next few weeks, which makes it a perfect buy today. Visit the website now and don't miss out on the next round of $OMEME presale!

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