Mastering the "Alligator" Indicator for Binary Options on Bubinga

Imagine a world where even the smallest tool could tip the balance in your favor. In the realm of binary options trading, this is a reality. One such tool, the “Alligator” indicator, has emerged as a game-changer, proving its worth to both novices and seasoned traders. Its effectiveness and easy-to-understand functionality have made it a popular assistant for traders across the world.

Here, we will examine this indicator and show the most effective ways to use “Alligator” on Bubinga Binary trading platform.

What is an “Alligator”?

By its definition, the “Alligator” is a technical analysis indicator initially introduced by Bill Williams, an experienced trader whose studies led to the creation of several popular technical analyses for trend identification in financial markets. The “Alligator” indicator is effective in finding market trends and aims to help traders predict and signal the best time to enter the trade.

How does it work?

The “Alligator” indicator shows the direction of price movements, which can be displayed as one of the following: a rising trend, a failing trend, and an unchanging trend. According to its name, the “Alligator” consists of three moving aspects that are named after different parts of alligator the animal:

  • Alligator’s Jaw. The longest moving average line that displays the major trend of the overall market.
  • Alligator’s Teeth. The middle-term moving average that follows the market trend after the Jaw.
  • Alligator’s Lips. The moving average of the shortest duration that captures short-term trend behavior.

But how can three moving averages help with binary options? Let’s take a look at how to use the “Alligator” indicator.

How to use the “Alligator” successfully?

The “Alligator” can have several main active states that form a cycle:

  1. When three moving averages are intertwined, “the alligator is asleep” indicating that the market is in a range with some price fluctuations. Thus, when the alligator is asleep – the trend is not yet clear.
  2. When the averages widen and begin their movement in the same direction, “the alligator has awakened”, indicating that a trend can now be formed. Therefore, when the alligator has awakened – it can be considered a signal to start a trade.
  3. When the averages become more open and start moving parallelly, “the alligator has opened its mouth”, indicating that a trend has momentum. This way, when the alligator has opened its mouth – a trader can continue following trend directions and trade accordingly.
  4. When the moving averages intertwine in the same way, “the alligator is full and going to sleep”, notifying about the end of the trend. When the alligator goes to sleep, traders shouldn’t place any new trades and should simply wait for the new market trend to begin.

With knowledge of these main steps in trading binary options with the “Alligator” indicator, any trader can receive clear and easy-to-read signals to enhance their market experience.

How to set up the “Alligator” on Bubinga Binary?

If a user is new to the Bubinga Binary, all they have to do is fill out a simple registration form to create their account and start exploring. To start using the “Alligator” indicator, the user should log in to Bubinga Binary and proceed to the main trading screen. Then, in the bottom left of the trading screen, a user has to find a graph chart icon and click it. In an opened menu, they can choose among the variety of indicators to apply, but we are looking for one called “Alligator”. After that, a menu with the “Alligator” settings pops out where the user adjusts the indicator based on their trading style and market specifics.


With Bubinga Binary, every user can find the solution to meet their needs and achieve their goals. In case you want to simplify and brighten your experience with binary options, the “Alligator” indicator is your go-to. Simple, effective, and accessible are the words that perfectly describe the “Alligator”. And if you are interested in bringing your trades to a new level or starting your trading journey with success, the Bubinga platform is always ready to assist you.