Find Out What’s the Big Deal With CHO, a Hot Token in Crypto Circles, On Socials, and in the Media

Discover why CHO is a buzzworthy token in the crypto world, consistently backed by its strong community and promising new developments.

Seeing a token rise by 1,000% or more in the crypto world is not a rare occurrence, actually. The driving force behind these tokens is often purely hype, and within a couple of days, when the excitement fades, the token often returns to or even falls below its initial price. The reason behind this is clear: these tokens lack real utility and products.

A few months ago, one token's name was plastered all over the internet, in the media, and on social media platforms. Shortly afterward, the token skyrocketed by an incredible 830%. At first, many of us might have thought it was just another pump and dump project. However, it turned out to be everything but that.

We're here talking about CHO, a token powering the ecosystem. While it has been some time since its surge, and it is currently undergoing a slight correction – which is normal, as even Bitcoin doesn't always rise, what's really important is that the token has not returned to its pre-surge price, not even close, and it still holds potential for further growth.

Here, we’re just going to give you a short overview of the factors contributing to CHO’s success: and Vault, both founded by the same team and operating within the B2B2C sectors, merge into robust ecosystem,

• An announcement comes up that Vault will allocate up to 20% of its revenue to empower the ecosystem through the introduction of the new B2B VLT token, exclusively accessible to CHO holders,

• CHO owners are set to receive anywhere from 20% to 150% worth of VLT, which only emphasizes the correlation between CHO ownership and VLT acquisition,

• CHO will also be the core of the soon-to-be-launched Tringlr technology, which will serve as a base for building the most secure crypto wallet,

• CHO getting launched on the BSC network and making its debut on BingX (also tradeable on MEXC,, and Uniswap)

Now, there's a buzz about possibly rolling out its very own blockchain, which is a move that could fire up CHO's usefulness

However, let’s delve into the sentiment within the CHO community and gauge how people across various social platforms and the media feel about the token and the project.

Active Traders

The CoinMarketCap community is serious business. They either love a project or absolutely tear it apart, plus, you've got seasoned traders like Crypto Hindustan on there dishing out their analyses and predictions left and right. This guy with over 1,000 followers is an active trader with a high success rate and community member that oftentimes shares trade ideas specific to CHO and optimal entry and exit points.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Although CoinMarketCap is a popular platform for traders, Twitter/X is another space where you can find numerous technical analyses shared by traders like Crypto Newton, Prof.Noan, and Mr. White.

In their posts, you can read about the times they opened their positions, the reasons they are bullish on the CHO token, and price predictions. While Twitter is a mixed bag, requiring you to cut through noise and sift through spammy posts, it's important to pay attention to the account types sharing these posts. From what we've seen, the CHO community keeps it real and maintains a genuinely authentic presence on the platform.


Whenever there's an update shared on’s X account or their CoinMarketCap account, the community is there to give their thumbs up. Whenever there's an update shared on either of these accounts, the community rallies in support. These are both big and small accounts who just follow along, cheering the team and each other up, and making CHO memes. has more than 68,000 followers on X, and based on our research of their followers list, likes, and comments, we can confirm that all of their followers are real and truly engaged in all of the initiatives the team brings on.

When it comes to CoinMarketCap, you'll find CHO mentioned in various posts, ranging from individuals sharing their perspectives to those who compile lists of promising tokens, such as AltsDaddy, who ranks CHO fifth on the list.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Source: CoinMarketCap

Finally, YouTube takes the lead as the primary stage for the talkers. CHO grabbed the attention of the YouTube crowd as soon as it started growing, and even big YouTubers with 30,000 or more subscribers are discussing it. And it's not just local buzz; people from literally all over the world and in different languages are creating content about it. CHO is becoming known as a real winner, an investment that could surge by a whopping x100 in just a year.

Key Opinion Leaders

It would be impossible for big names in the crypto world, with 30,000 to 150,000 and more followers, to overlook CHO along its journey. However, we wanted to double-check whether influencers are genuinely invested in the token and passionate about the project or simply hyping it up, and this is what we found out.

Davinci Jeremie and That Martini Guy are some of the biggest advocates of CHO on Twitter/X. Davinci rarely mentions any other coin than Bitcoin in his posts, so his sharing about CHO indicates that he genuinely trusts that the token and the entire ecosystem can have a bright future.

In some of the recent posts shared by the community after the BingX listing, we can see that some members are openly speaking about their current accumulation of CHO. They're also sharing all the reasons why they're bullish on it, including the potential upcoming blockchain launch, Visa and Mastercard partnerships, CHO's impressive price surge of over 500% in less than 3 months, Vault securing multi-million dollar deals, and more.

Now, one of the best things about key opinion leaders in the CMC community is that they sometimes share information not disclosed elsewhere or by the project officially. In this regard, we have Mags, a well-known figure on both CoinMarketCap and Twitter/X, sharing his bullish view of CHO while also dropping hints about a potential blockchain launch and the BingX listing. With the BingX listing already completed, we are now awaiting confirmation, or lack thereof, of the blockchain launch.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Media About CHO

Not only is CHO mentioned across social media platforms, it's also catching the attention of major media outlets like CryptoDaily, CoinGabbar, DAppExpert, BitcoinInsider, TheBitTimes, and many more.

Every move of the token is closely watched, and experts are measuring every move of the team and keeping an eye on announcements published on the official website, as new developments are announced almost bi-weekly. In fact, the next major announcement is expected to be shared on the website in one day, and we're confident that this move won't go unnoticed by the media, just like all the others.

Source: CryptoDaily

Source: DappExpert


When a community rallies behind something as passionately as CHO's supporters do, it's often a sign of something significant. CHO truly has a multitude of advocates and loyal holders, and it is gaining new supporters on a daily basis. While there are already many reasons that we've mentioned that fuel this level of enthusiasm, it appears that the team consistently feeds this excitement with new developments and, for that reason, we’ll be closely monitoring the trend following the upcoming announcement scheduled for May 14th.