Silent Protocol to launch ‘Ghost layer’: the First Modular L1.5 for Ethereum

Panama City, Panama, May 7th, 2024, Chainwire

Panama City, Panama, May 7th, 2024, Chainwire

Silent Protocol, a forefront innovator in blockchain privacy technology, has announced the release of the Ghost Layer, a cutting-edge modular Layer 1.5, designed for the Ethereum ecosystem. This new solution is engineered to provide compliant privacy enhancements to public blockchains, suitable to both retail and institutional applications.

The Ghost Layer is using a zero-knowledge (ZK) based system alongside its proprietary 0VM technology. These advancements allow for the private storage of assets and enable the omnidirectional flow of value across various blockchains. It facilitates the seamless integration of existing applications into private workflows through its ability to open access channels to different execution layers.

The founder of Silent Protocol, Novachrono, explains the unique position of the Ghost Layer in the blockchain hierarchy: “If you create a ledger whose state is decided by the base ledger but the computation is stored elsewhere—you can call it a Layer 1.5.” This innovative positioning combines the robustness of base layer processing with enhanced privacy and interoperability functions.

In 2023, Silent Protocol launched EZEE, addressing the challenge of state denial and introducing a fully composable architecture that supports functional privacy. This framework allows developers to build an ecosystem of applications without the constraints of isolated systems. Furthermore, Silent Protocol has developed the Silent Compliance VM, a decentralized protocol that selectively reveals data to prevent misuse by bad actors.

Isa Sertkaya, Co-founder and CTO of Silent Protocol, emphasized the strategic advantage of the Ghost Layer: "Rooted out of Ethereum and supporting Ethereum assets, the Ghost Layer achieves modularity not by capturing value vertically but by enabling horizontal composability across different chains."

The implementation of 0VM technology allows the Ghost Layer to advance the state of the system while verifying updates and utilizing the base ledger for state validation through zksnarks.

This launch signifies Silent Protocol’s commitment to building a compliant and composable framework that enables institutions to securely and privately leverage Ethereum. Developers across various blockchains will now have the opportunity to transform their existing applications into privacy-preserving applications, known as 0dapps, while maintaining the liquidity available on the mainnet.


About Silent Protocol

Silent Protocol is a leader in blockchain privacy technology, dedicated to enhancing security and compliance in blockchain applications without sacrificing performance. Founded by a team of blockchain innovators, Silent Protocol develops scalable, privacy-centric frameworks like the EZEE framework and Silent Compliance VM. These tools empower developers and institutions to transform existing applications into secure, privacy-preserving platforms while fostering interoperability across different blockchain systems.


Co-Founder & CTO

İsa Sertkaya