QuillAudits & Plume Network Enhance Real-World Asset Onboarding Security

QuillAudits, a Web3 security leader, joins forces with Plume Network, an RWA Layer 2 platform, to enhance security and compliance for real-world asset integration into Web3.

QuillAudits, a leader in Web3 security, partners with Plume Network, an innovative RWA Layer 2 platform that seamlessly brings real-world assets to the blockchain. The collaboration aims to boost security and compliance for diverse asset onboarding into Web3.

As part of the "Plume Take Flight Program," this partnership is set to offer an array of benefits to developers and projects seeking to leverage Plume Network's innovative platform. With a focus on compliance from day one and the ability to easily onboard any asset, Plume Network provides an end-to-end solution. It prioritizes user experience while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards.

QuillAudits, a trusted name in Web3 security, brings its extensive expertise in securing digital assets, smart contracts, and blockchain networks. As part of this collaboration, QuillAudits offers a comprehensive package of incentives designed to jumpstart projects' journeys on the Plume Network. These incentives are a testament to our commitment to your project's security and success.

  • Top-tier smart contract and digital asset audits at a preferential rate for projects building on the Plume ecosystem to empower developers to prioritize security.
  • Priority assistance for Plume dApps, thus ensuring timely assessments to meet their development and launch deadlines without compromising safety.
  • Assisting developers to expedite the development process of their projects while maintaining best security practices via QuillAudits AI-driven tool, QuillShield, offering free 1-month access. It is a cloud-based smart contract audit platform that allows developers to seamlessly generate audit reports, create test cases, real-time threat updates, set up monitoring for smart contract health, and automated circuit breakers.
  • Integration and API support for QuillAudits token due diligence tool, QuillCheck, allows users and builders to assess the risk associated with a token's security, uncover honeypots, understand token permissions, and get comprehensive market insights.

Teams interested in these offerings must start by completing an application form and choosing QuillAudits as their service provider. After a thorough evaluation by the Plume Network team, eligible applicants will receive guidance on claiming incentives through the Plume Take Flight program.

About QuillAudits: QuillAudits is a renowned name in Web3 security, specializing in protecting digital assets, smart contracts, and blockchain networks. They are committed to ensuring the integrity and safety of the decentralized ecosystem and provide comprehensive security solutions that empower projects to achieve their vision without compromising security.

About Plume Network: Plume Network is the first modular RWA Layer 2 platform to bring real-world assets on-chain. It focuses on compliance, ease of asset onboarding, high transaction speeds, and instant settlement. Plume Network is revolutionizing how assets are integrated into the blockchain, enabling users to invest and trade in various RWAs.