CryptantCrab Primordials NFT Reveal and Token Airdrop has Got GameFi Enthusiasts Waiting in Anticipation

Explore CryptantCrab Prime's revolutionary GameFi features, exclusive NFTs, and thrilling PvP battles. Join now for unique rewards and gameplay!

Blockchain technology and NFTs have significantly impacted the gaming industry, especially play-to-earn games. This has changed how gamers and developers approach games. The gaming industry continues to grow, with new projects birthed almost daily, providing gamers with great options. GameFi projects like CryptantCrab have continued to innovate and evolve to serve gamers better and bring a soothing gaming experience to the industry.

Created by the renowned developer Appxplore (iCandy) in 2018, CryptantCrab was one of the first blockchain-powered games deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network. During its tournaments, successful gamers shared over 32 ETH in prize rewards. As CryptantCrab innovates to CryptantCrab Prime, GameFi enthusiasts and gamers are already waiting in anticipation of new features and rewards. This is a game you wouldn’t want to miss if you enjoy blockchain gaming.

Overview of the Revolutionary CryptantCrab Prime

CryptantCrab Prime is undoubtedly an upgrade on the parent CryptantCrab. The game is designed to reward players for their contribution to the game, their in-game mutation, and their batting of their crabs. The premium Primordials NFTs enable holders to enjoy an advantage within the CryptantCrab Prime ecosystem. These exclusive NFTs will be revealed on April 19, 2024, and the in-game Crabs will hatch from their elemental eggs and transform into powerful ancients. At this stage, the Crabs are ready to be sent into battle as part of the CryptantCrab Prime's player-vs-player (PvP) GameFi ecosystem.

Primordial NFT holders will share 3% of the Crab token supply (airdrop). Each holder's airdrop allocation depends on the quantity and rarity of the Primordials held. Unlike the CryptantCrab phase, where gamers only have to share a prize pool of 32 ETH, the new CryptantCrab Prime game will have a bigger prize. Over 16 ETH have been accumulated in the prize pool, and more are still underway. $5000 worth of Crab tokens will also be shared during the pre-registration campaign.

All Primordials NFT holders will continue to enjoy exclusive benefits such as continuous incentives from the Ecosystem Fund. The tokens are integrated into the ecosystem to improve player and holder participation. The extended distribution will also be overseen by the partnership between Appxplore (iCandy) and Crab DAO. The Crab DAO is made up of veteran CryptantCrab players and GameFi enthusiasts.

CryptantCrab Prime is set to launch on Arbirum blockchain later in the quarter, as the game seeks to leverage the chain's large gaming player base. Arbitrum's low gas fees will also help facilitate CryptantCrab Prime's in-game ecosystem. Crab tokens will be fully integrated into the CryptantCrab Prime to power the ecosystem. Gamers can spend the tokens to enjoy in-game benefits or trade them on any marketplace, DEX, or any platform that supports ERC-20.

The Inspiration behind the CryptantCrab Game

While the CryptantCrab game was designed by the legendary Appxlore (iCandy), the inspiration came from the renowned traditional 'Betta Fish Fight' in Southeast Asia. Like the fighting fish, CryptantCrabs have unique markings, parts, and elements that remind you of the concept of the fighting fish. As gamers battle other crabs in claw-to-claw combat and emerge victorious, their recognition rises within the game.


With its revolutionary features and mouthwatering rewards, CryptantCrab Prime is on course to reshape how gamers and GameFi enthusiasts approach gaming. The game has shown gamers the unending opportunities and possibilities, and everyone is patiently waiting to participate. With the quality of the team of developers behind CryptantCrab, the game has all it takes to lead the GameFi space and put a smile on the faces of gamers from around the world. The official webpage lets you learn more about the CryptantCrab Prime gaming ecosystem.