Lunar Strategy Launches Crypto VC To Strategically Fund Early-Stage Projects

Lunar3 Capital, by Lunar Strategy, bridges gaps in Web3 with strategic investments, fostering growth through partnerships and over $200M raised.

Lunar Strategy has become a leader in innovation and growth in the Web3 space. Recently, it took a leap forward by launching a new investment arm called Lunar3 Capital.

Through this new venture, the team will foster long-term collaborations between leading projects, influencers, and content creators in the crypto space in its mission to drive ecosystem growth.

The Genesis of Lunar3 Capital

Lunar3 Capital is powered by Lunar Strategy, a firm known for its expertise in nurturing and accelerating the growth of ecosystems within Web3. Over the years, Lunar Strategy has been involved with well-known ecosystems, including Polkadot, ICP, MultiversX, ROSE, as well as more than 170 other Web3 projects.

With over $200M raised for clients and $3M invested into KOLs, the firm's recent move into venture capital through Lunar3 Capital is a natural progression in its mission to help promising Web3 projects transform from ideas to thriving ecosystems.

Mission and Philosophy

Lunar3 Capital's mission is built from a strong desire to bridge the gap between new projects and the most influential figures in crypto. The company aims to cultivate the ground for growth and innovation through the power of long-term relationships.

This move aligns with its simple yet profound philosophy: strong, enduring partnerships are the cornerstone of sustainable ecosystem development.

Lunar3 Capital’s Services and Support

Lunar3 Capital offers a suite of services designed to empower startups and established projects alike. The first service offered by the investment company is access to a network of key opinion leaders and influencers who can act as strategic investors. This opens the door to potential funding, increasing the visibility and credibility of projects.

Lunar3 Strategy also manages over-the-counter (OTC) deals. These deals allow a project to raise funds without impacting the open market and include leveraging relationships with strategic partners, market makers, and PR firms to ensure a project's success.

Through its association with Lunar Strategy, Lunar3 Capital can also tap into a suite of other offerings. These additional services include public relations growth and management, paid advertisements, community growth and management, as well as social media management.

Through these services, the Lunar Strategy team has helped its clients collectively amass over 1 million followers across various social media platforms.

Lunar3 Capital – The Best Crypto VC?

All in all, Lunar3 Capital leverages its dual strength to support early-stage projects in Web3 both with fundraising and marketing support. The parent firm’s track record of over $200M raised for clients and successful growth of over 170 Web3 projects highlights its capability to not just fund but also amplify promising crypto projects.

This makes Lunar3 Capital a reliable investment and growth partner, offering a blend of capital, visibility, and operational support crucial for success in the crypto space.