Bad Idea AI Surpasses Population of 200,000, Reinforcing Its Position in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem with Shib AI Initiative

The AI-driven project demonstrates significant growth and brand loyalty, alongside a landmark collaboration with the Shiba Inu community.


In a remarkable demonstration of growth and community engagement, Bad Idea AI announces its Chatbot system has reached visibility to a population of over 200,000 people across 235 telegram groups not including their discord numbers. Notably, two-thirds of their users have demonstrated strong brand loyalty, returning to interact with the Chatbot within a 30-day period. In a significant move for both Bad Idea AI and the Shibarium ecosystem, the project has successfully integrated with the Shiba Inu community, introducing Shib AI—a dedicated AI community member fostering engagement and safety.

Initiative with Shiba Inu

Bad Idea AI, an innovator in the intersection of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency, is proud to announce its latest milestones and strategic initiatives that highlight its growing influence within the crypto community. The project's Chatbot system's population base has swelled to over 200,000, with installations in more than 235 groups, underscoring a robust pattern of engagement and brand loyalty. This expansion is complemented by a groundbreaking collaboration with the Shiba Inu community, resulting in the launch of Shiba AI. This initiative tailors the AI's functionalities to support the Shib and Shibarium ecosystems, enabling it to serve as an active community member that can engage in conversations, answer queries, and enhance the safety of community interactions. The launch of Shib AI marked the project's largest single-day increase in visibility, adding 27 groups and reaching over 90,000 individuals.

Mr. Lightspeed, a spokesperson and developer at Bad Idea AI, highlighted the success of these initiatives. "Our growth and the enthusiastic reception of Shib AI underscore the vital role of AI in enriching community interactions and governance within the cryptocurrency ecosystems. We are excited to see our platform evolve as a key player in supporting decentralized communities and fostering a safe, engaging environment for users." The project's commitment to innovation and community support is evidenced by the high retention rate of its users, with two-thirds returning to engage with the Chatbot over a 30-day period. This loyalty speaks volumes about the platform's relevance and value to its user base.

About Bad Idea AI

Bad Idea AI is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence with the cryptocurrency sector. As a partner of the Shibarium ecosystem and an innovator in AI technology, Bad Idea AI specializes in developing AI solutions that support decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and provide community support through active participation in governance processes and community management. The project's mission is to explore the dynamic relationship between AI and humans, offering novel solutions that enhance engagement and safety within digital communities.