SunContract Unveils “The Personal Power Plant”, The World’s First NFT Marketplace for Real World Solar Panels at Crypto Expo Europe 2024

Bucharest, Romania, March 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Bucharest, Romania, March 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Slovenian energy trading platform SunContract has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation at Crypto Expo Europe in Bucharest: the world’s first NFT marketplace for real-world solar panels. For the first time, users can directly benefit from the energy produced by their NFT-linked panels either by earning from them or for personal consumption at home or in their businesses.

At the crypto conference, held in Romania’s capital over March 3/4, the Ethereum-based SunContract showed how blockchain can be used to empower the clean energy sector. The inaugural tokenized solar farm is located in the Slovenian village of Višnje, at a facility featuring 2,112 solar panels with a peak power of 517 kW.

Each NFT represents a specific panel at the farm, with the holder enjoying the benefits associated with the physical asset. The initiative is aimed at people committed to the green transition and eager to invest in the future of renewables, as well as crypto community to get exposure to real economy through the renewable energy sector.

In the first phase, energy generated from the underlying solar panel will be sold on users’ behalf via SunContract’s P2P energy marketplace in return for SNC tokens. After operational and maintenance fees are deducted, SNC tokens will be automatically credited to their wallet.

Functionality will subsequently be rolled out to giving the option to NFT holders to use the energy in countries where SunContract owns energy permits or licenses, starting with Slovenia, Croatia and Estonia and more to come. The approach aims to democratize renewable energy and make it accessible to everyone – including apartment-dwellers – while also linking the blockchain and crypto to real world assets. 

Solar-linked NFTs can be bought and sold at any time on SunContract’s NFT marketplace, while token-holders can manage the energy generated by their “Personal Power Plant” from a smartphone.

While there are already some examples of NFTs linked to real-world assets, SunContract’s model is the first of its kind in the energy sector.

Mr Gregor Novak, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer: With the integration of blockchain, SunContract has positioned itself as a global player. The addition of an NFT marketplace is set to further this reach, making our services globally accessible. The blockchain's role in our platform is not just a technological foundation; it's a gateway to expanding our community and enhancing the user experience on a global scale.

Aymen Soufi, Strategic Director of SunContract, also highlighted his optimism, adding:

SunContract's Personal Power Plant stems from a vision to decentralize, democratize, and digitalize renewable energy, making it easily accessible with just a few clicks from anywhere. Furthermore, we're bridging the gap between the blockchain/crypto community and the real economy. We firmly believe that tokenizing real-world assets is crucial for mass adoption, serving as one of the main -and healthy- catalysts for the next bull market.

SunContract’s business model consists on the “uberisation” of the renewable energy sector, as it is based on decentralization, digitalization, and democratization while catering to a wide range of consumers in both B2C and B2B sectors. The platform’s services are accessible to individuals, commercial entities, and industrial organizations. Additionally, the company is actively exploring expansion to other countries in Europe and beyond, while also diversifying its products and services, which will bring more value to the SNC token.

About SunContract

SunContract is an energy trading platform operating at the intersection of blockchain and renewable technology. After releasing its maiden whitepaper in 2017, the startup conducted a successful ICO and launched the first national-scale retail P2P energy marketplace on Ethereum in 2018. After consolidating its position in Slovenia, SunContract has acquired electricity licenses in Croatia and Estonia to expand its reach, following its goal of being a global energy marketplace. SunContract is also developing new disruptive services with latest being the “Personal power Plant”, the world’s first NFT marketplace for real 


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