Luxury Nights in Ontario: Top 5 Things To Do For An Entertainment-filled Evening

Spending a few nights in a city as beautiful as Ontario, Canada, is special on its own. The city exudes luxury, great appeal and adventure, especially when it comes to the evening. Whether you want to enjoy the scenic views of nature, the vibrant culture of the cities, or the nightlife scene, there is something for everyone in Ontario. There are many exciting and wonderful activities that you can partake in while keeping a strong element of luxury throughout. Here are 5 great ideas to implement on your next evening in Ontario.

Visit One of the Luxury Hotels and Casinos

It's time to put on your favorite gown or suit, pop on a pair of high-heeled shoes or newly polished leather boots and head to a place where time stands still and elegance oozes out of every pour. Take a turn down Luxury Lane and head to some of the finest hotels and casinos you have ever seen. Enjoy a night out on the town, visiting some of the most opulent and renowned hotels and casinos in the world. Hotels naturally have an air of elegance, with stunning lobby areas and modern decor. Add a taste of a casino and you are bound to have a spectacularly luxurious night. Take a look at reviewing the top Ontario casinos to find the online casino that most interests you. That way you'll be fully prepared to take on the high rollers. Practicing your poker face and gaining some skills online will have you ready to hit Ontario's glitzy casino scene.

See the City Lights from Above

A great way to see the city is from a bird's eye view. The recent trend of private helicopter flights can help with that, even in Ontario. It's a special treat to see the city come to live beneath you when it gets dark and all the city lights come on. Seeing the reflection of the lights on the tall and glass skyscrapers is truly something magical to behold. Niagara Falls, one of Ontario's top spots, also looks incredible from above. It's home to not just one but three waterfalls: American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Plus, there's the Niagara River, Whirlpool Rapids, Rainbow Bridge, and even the power stations that use the falls' might.

Go for a Sunset Cruise

If you are keen on seeing the city from a different angle, then consider getting on its waters. Ontario is a cosmopolitan city that thrives as its own concrete jungle, however, it is also a city that is lucky to have access to water, namely the Hudson Bay. Many visitors looking to escape the city and be part of nature, while keeping it luxurious, hire their own yacht and go for a beautiful sunset cruise. Many out there also offer DJs to play live music while you're out on the Bay and have ample refreshments for you to enjoy whilst on the yacht. Nothing says luxury more than a private yacht and if you add a glass of Champagne and a classic Canadian sunset, you are living the dream.

Choose the Supercar Experience

Another luxurious way to see the beautiful city of Ontario is in fabulous leather seats and behind a V8 engine of a supercar, such as the luxury brand of Ferrari or Lamborghini. You do not need to have one of your own, you simply need to contact one of the car companies that have these beauties at their disposal. This will allow you to see different sides of the city, as you can go from one tourist attraction to the next with speed and style. There are many famous roads, such as Hamilton Mountain, which is a great one to drive as the sun sets over the auburn trees in that area.

Kick Your Shoes Off and Go Dancing

Ontario is known for its many nightclubs that play the tunes of locals such as Drake and Justin Bieber. Swing your body to the sounds of Canada at some of the most reputable clubs and bars in the world. You can go and visit one of the many sky bars in the city, that allow you to see the twinkling lights of the city whilst sipping a fresh cocktail. There are many private clubs that you can gain access to through membership or by contacting the staff there. This is a great way to enjoy a night out, while not losing any luxury, as private bars are known for their upper-class clientele. If going the private club route is too arduous, try your hand at simply visiting some of the more elite clubs and bars that line the cities. Simply visit the fanciest areas and you will easily find matching bars and clubs to boot. So why wait? Plan your visit today and get ready to enjoy the best of Ontario's luxurious nightlife scene!